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The Church On The Way

Executive Communications Director

Van Nuys, California



Denomination: Foursquare

Weekly Attendance: 2,100

Location: Van Nuys, California

The Role: Executive Communications Director


Meet The Church On The Way:

In 1969 Pastor Jack Hayford came to a 43 year old small church in what was the outskirts of Los Angeles  (Van Nuys).   In the 70’s God manifested powerfully and what would become known as The Church On The Way (TCOTW)  started to reach de-churched young adults in LA as they learned to step into Kingdom life in a new way they could understand. Subsequently thousands of believers and leaders were encouraged, equipped and empowered to walk out Kingdom principles and help others encounter Jesus all over the world. In 2014, Pastors Tim and Deborah Clark came to lead the church in  reengaging  that foundation to reach a generation of young adults with Kingdom life in a way they can hear, embrace  and live out, & to raise up disciples & leaders to multiply God’s life all over our city, our region, our nation and our world.

 While methods change over time,  the foundational things have stayed the same. You’ll find that we are passionate about encountering Jesus, we are passionate about the power of the Holy Spirit, and we are passionate about our call to reach Los Angeles, especially an emerging generation who will be equipped to be leaders who are sent to reach the world. 


About the Executive Communications Director:

The Executive Communications Director will communicate the voice and vision of TCOTW—helping people to encounter Jesus, to be equipped, and to be sent to change the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Executive Communications Director Will: 

  • Help communicate Pastors Tim and Deborah’s  vision to staff, leaders, the church & beyond.

  • Oversee leaders who lead teams that produce  live weekend service and broadcasts, including a Spanish service/broadcast.

  • Strategically Lead and Delegate:

    • Internal communications (to the staff and leaders).

    • Church promotion (to the congregation).

    • External marketing (to the city and world).

  • Curate Storytellers (who use video, web, print pieces) to engage people in God’s story at/through TCOTW.

  • Ensure the building-out of appropriate Connectivity for Church. Primary activities include:

    • Online service portals and metrics

    • Website Rebuild for usefulness, relevancy

    • App strategy investigation and if approved, build out and launch

  • Cultivate a significant  social media presence with a high level of engagement.

  • Oversee the media director who is responsible for production/Post-production of packaging for weekend teachings; Ensure other equipping avenues through digital media. 

  • Oversee development of attractive graphic, wayfinding, room dynamic & stage design complimenting the message.

  • Cultivate  communication systems for guests, new believers, & donors in conjunction with the Community Life Team.

  • Shepherd Publishing of written materials to multiply our voice to & beyond our church.

  • Serve the worship ministries to produce new music to release for the larger church body.


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required.

  • 5+ years of experience in a related role; Experience with mega churches is a plus.

Personal Characteristics

  • Strategic Thinker — Able to see the big picture, this person is on the executive team and  working closely with senior leadership.

  • Team Builder — This person needs to be able to build and develop a team of staff and volunteers to fulfill the communications responsibilities with excellence.

  • Collaborator — This person needs to work with various ministry leaders as well as creative types, so knowing how to understand WHAT needs to be communicated and HOW to translate that creatively takes spirit of collaboration (and the ability to speak fluently in the languages of both strategic thinkers and creatives).

  Leadership Team Values

  • We start with JESUS: Our relationship, obedience, and encounter with Jesus is what marks us most as leaders.

  • We lead with HUMILITY: Our primary attitude is to be humble servant leaders, eager to learn, and quick to repent.

  •  We live with INTEGRITY: People identify with, follow and are inspired by leaders who are authentic and honorable.

  •  We insist on UNITY: We fight for unity in vision, values & voice; we cultivate diversity in all else. 

  •  We seize RESPONSIBILITY: Courageous, generous, accountable stewardship that multiplies resources, people & assignments honors God.

  • We model TEAMWORK: Equipping/Discipling happens best when we minister with—and not just to—people.

  •  We work with TRUST: Being trusting & trustworthy is how we build effective teams & shape a healthy church.  

  •  We function as OWNERS: We’re passionate about making this one of the most fulfilling, effective & healthy places we’ve ever served.

  •  We’re given to LOVE: Love for each-other and for those we serve is the bottom line. 


What it's Like to Live in Los Angeles/Van Nuys, California: 

Los Angeles is in the largest County in the United States (10 million), the  second-most populated  city after New York City, and the most populous city in the Western United States. It has an estimated population of four million and is considered the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California.

Los Angeles is referenced as the "Creative Capital of the World" since many  L.A. residents work in a creative industry that is a major driver  of our economy.  There are currently more artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, and musicians living and working in Los Angeles than any other city.

Over the years, Los Angeles has become more of a city where people live, work, and play. There are more places to live, businesses, dining, shopping, and culture downtown than ever before, with more growth happening every year.  

Van Nuys is a neighborhood  of the city  of LA, in the San Fernando Valley.   It has diverse dining and shopping venues, and a vibrant outdoor culture.   This region of California is full of rich history and offers its residents a high quality of life.  Overall, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley hold the lure of beautiful sunny California  is an ideal city for anyone to call home and raise a family.

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