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The Journey

Production Director

Newark, Delaware

Theology: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 2,000

Neighborhood: Newark, Delaware

The role:  The Production Director will recruit, empower, and develop leaders and J-Teamers to create a dynamic and distraction-free multimedia experience. They will oversee all aspects of weekend production, including creative technical development, operation, and maintenance/improvement. They will also develop and implement all IT systems and make improvements as needed. unnamed (4)-1Meet The Journey:

We’re real church for real people, which means we want you to come as you are and be who you are… really. You’re welcome here.Our mission is simple: we help people find Jesus and follow Him fully. Everything we do flows out of our passion to see people give their lives to Jesus and then point their lives in His direction. We believe this happens in three key environments: Gather, Connect, and Serve.

We have a deep heart for serving our region, and we refuse to stop until everyone we know experiences a life-giving relationship with Jesus. Our mission is taking shape week after week, month after month, in the form of changed lives.

About the Production Director:

  • Recruit and train leaders, so there are four to six people covering every position on two campuses.
  • See people using their gifts in worship and feeling fulfilled.
  • Work well with the team 

unnamed (1)-2The Production Director will:
  • Oversee all technical aspects of weekend gatherings including media, sound, lighting, and video.
  • Develop a clear, effective, innovative overall production system that includes structures and systems for all production teams including expectations, troubleshooting guides, “how-to” guides, checklists, error logs, etc.
  • Work with the Gathering Director to ensure all creative elements are implemented according to the vision for the weekend series.
  • Ensure that all weekend gatherings and other events have an appropriate number of skilled J-Teamers to create excellence and foster camaraderie.
  • Oversee and manage all production projects, including system upgrades, repairs, and installation, to ensure high levels of quality and preparation.
  • Serve as the primary troubleshooting and management contact for technical systems throughout the campus and raise up others to do the same.
  • Work with the database administrator to develop custom reports.
  • Lead monthly core team meetings to cast, enhance, and execute the vision for the Production Team.
  • Recognize high potential leaders and work with Area Coordinators to develop and empower, maintaining a pipeline of healthy, equipped leaders.
  • Appoint and train representatives to lead Step 4 of Growth Track each month.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of area-specific Team Leader meetings and all-team appreciation events.

General Responsibilities:
  • Attend the programming meeting each week; attend staff meetings as frequently as possible.
  • Attend weekend gatherings (three of four each weekend), lead or join a J-Group each semester, and serve in some way outside of essential functions on a regular basis.
  • Champion, gather, connect, and serve.

unnamed-9What you bring:

Although a bachelor’s degree is not required, it is a plus.

This position requires three to five years of progressive experience in production.Qualifications
  • Is in agreement with “What We Believe” and “Leadership Core Values”
  • Consistently practice all public habits (gathering on a weekend, connecting in a J-Group, serving on the J-Team), and personal habits (investing & inviting, practicing a slot & spot, giving your first)
  • Have healthy relationships with existing staff and leaders (in current position and/or at The Journey)
  • Moderate understanding of audio, video, and lighting equipment, processes, and conceptsBe proficient with Mac and PC systems
  • Moderate familiarity with ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer
  • Have the ability to create life-giving, engaging environments with a keen attention to detail
  • Have the ability to recruit, build, and effectively lead teams
Personal Characteristics
  • Is a follower of Jesus with strong character
  • Possesses a demonstrable calling to ministry
  • Is likable and fun to be around
  • Has an abnormally high work ethic ( is an executor who makes things happen on a regular basis)
  • Have the ability to create life-giving, engaging environments with a keen attention to detail
What it's like to live in Newark, Delaware:

Newark is the third largest city in Delaware and home to the University of Delaware. The award-winning downtown received the honor of becoming a Great American Main Street winner in 2011. Over 17 miles of trails and 33 parks totaling over 650 acres of parkland exist for visitors and residents alike to enjoy, including the Newark Reservoir. The James F. Hall Trail is a part of the East Coast Greenway, a developing trail system, spanning nearly 3,000 miles as it winds its way between Canada and Key West, linking all the major cities of the eastern seaboard.

A full calendar of community events and downtown festivals helps make Newark a fun, vibrant, and interesting place to visit and live. The city is rich in cultural offerings that enliven the downtown through our Arts Alliance, Mid-Atlantic Ballet, Chapel Street Community Theater, and multiple music venues.Newark is home to an eclectic blend of businesses. From a designer jeweler who has served the community for over a century, to a comic shop, located on Main Street or on Elkton Road, the city has something for everyone.The downtown area feeds not only the mind but the body. In a place where hip meets historic, there are over 60 restaurants constantly providing visitors with new flavors to enjoy plus a unique food cooperative serving the community for 35 years. Newark has a college town feel, but amenities that are like a bigger city - it’s the best of both worlds.

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