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The Meeting House

Network Senior Pastor

Ontario, Canada

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Denomination: Be In Christ Church of Canada (BIC)

Weekly Attendance:  1,500

Location: Ontario, Canada

The Role: Network Senior Pastor

The Meeting House WorshipMeet The Meeting House:

We exist to foster loving communities of fully committed Jesus followers in a way that makes sense in each of the local communities where our churches are based. We seek to place Jesus at the centre of everything we do, lived out through our values of peace, simplicity, community, and mission. In recent years, we have adopted a vision to introduce spiritually curious people to the Jesus-centred life through a movement of Jesus-centred churches. 

As we emerge from a global pandemic and the challenges our church has experienced in the last two years, we believe Jesus is inviting us to surrender and follow him boldly on a journey of transformation into the next chapter of our church’s life together. We are discerning a new direction that will require and involve existential reinvention as a church – evolving from being a multi-site megachurch to becoming a network of truly local Jesus-centred churches. We envision a family of church communities embedded in our neighbourhoods, empowered and on mission to grow loving communities of Jesus followers in our unique contexts, sharing Jesus-centred values and resources that make us stronger together. 

We remain committed to all-ages discipleship, evangelism, and serving compassionately in our local communities, while uniting with other Jesus-centred churches and partners locally and globally in ways we have not imagined before.

About the Network Senior Pastor:

The Network Senior Pastor will be a seasoned shepherd of leaders, working through relationship and influence to shape, mentor, equip, inspire, and mobilize a team of network pastors and lay leaders who in turn are empowered to lead ministry in their local church communities. This individual will have a heart for and track record of being a passionate people-developer and discipler, building trust through relationships, providing spiritual wisdom and pastoral support primarily to the other pastors and staff of The Meeting House. The successful candidate will be a champion of our shared values and contribute spiritual, visionary, and strategic leadership to the network within a mutual leadership model that exists to serve and empower its network churches. 

We need an experienced, servant-hearted, Jesus-centred leader who is passionate about the local church, excited by the challenges facing the church in an increasingly post-Christian Canadian context, inspired by the opportunity to lead collaboratively through significant change, and committed to following the Spirit’s lead as he points us to the way of Jesus together.   

The Meeting House GatheringThe Network Senior Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

  • Be the primary mobilizer and source of seasoned mentorship, coaching, encouragement, and shepherding for a team of network pastors and lay leaders who are responsible for leading their respective churches and ministries. Provide wisdom, guidance, pastoral support, and a rally point for leaders, with a view to helping them fully develop their call and gifts for ministry. 

  • Be an effective champion and ambassador of the shared values, theology, ethos, and ministry philosophy of a network of churches – working with and alongside network churches to develop, instill, maintain, and strengthen this DNA within our network.

  • Contribute spiritual, visionary, and strategic leadership to the network within a mutual leadership model that exists to serve and empower its network churches. Be an effective change agent and developer of positive culture as we evolve towards a new way of being the church.

  • Co-lead a network support centre alongside a network leadership team and staff team, working together in partnership with network pastors to establish and sustain healthy supports and systems that promote all ages discipleship, evangelism, and compassion/outreach in our churches. This involves complementary aspects of both organizational and spiritual leadership.

  • Be a part of the Meeting House core teaching team, including teaching, as needed, at The Meeting House Oakville location, as well as providing live and/or recorded teaching at/for other Network Churches and our online community.

  • Be heavily invested in collaboratively shaping and mobilizing the discipleship ethos, tools, and support framework shared throughout the network. 

  • Stay connected to the wider Jesus-centred movement beyond our church, curating and importing learnings from others that can help inspire innovative vision & leadership for reaching the post-Christian culture.

  • Demonstrate a philosophical and practical commitment to developing young leaders.

  • Champion The Meeting House's heart and strategies toward its network churches and church planting initiatives as well as its commitment to local outreach and compassion. 

  • Be a primary liaison with our denominational leadership on behalf of The Meeting House.

  • Be a fully engaged member of The Meeting House including regular worship attendance at a Network community, giving, involvement in a home church, etc. 

The Meeting House GatheringWhat You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Network Senior Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • Undergraduate degree

  • MDiv or comparable graduate degree from an accredited theological seminary or its equivalent

  • 10+ years of ministry experience with multiple years of senior leadership experience (Senior Pastor, a Campus Pastor, or an Associate Pastor) on a large staff, 

    • Or, corporate leadership experience with demonstrated senior-level lay engagement in a local church

  • Significant experience preaching/teaching/communicating in a larger church context

  • Experience in complex, multi-site church settings  and within a multi-staff setting including leadership of paid staff and unpaid volunteers

  • Substantial experience with diverse people groups and communities 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Willing to live in the Greater Toronto area and in proximity to a TMH

  • Experience and knowledge of multi-staff, multi-generational, and multi-campus ministries

  • A strong appreciation for and working knowledge of the Anabaptist tradition and theology

  • Comfortable, gifted, and experienced in engaging in theological discourse

  • Life experience in a setting similar to The Meeting House, being able to help people find significance and experience transformation in the Kingdom of God

  • Fully aligned with The Meeting House's DNA, mission, values, and statement of faith, and the theology of the Be In Christ (BIC) denomination in Canada; willing and able to be part of that denomination. 

  • Possesses an entrepreneurial ability and sense of flexibility and adaptability, always thinking about and creating ways for greater impact and reaching more people

  • Leadership proficiency in both large and small group surroundings

  • Ability to work in an interconnected, collaborative team environment 

  • Capability to rally and mobilize individuals towards a cause 

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Creative, balanced, and resourceful in the use of time and talent 

  • A fully devoted follower of Christ who leads others into full, personal devotion and ongoing spiritual formation by their example

  • Servant leader with a strong commitment to The Meeting House’s values

  • Pure heart, lovingkindness, humility, generosity, wisdom, integrity, and courage

  • Embodies and excels within a countercultural, ‘power-under’ philosophy of ministry modeled after the way of Jesus

  • Lives out a centered-set perspective; able to promote ongoing learning and listening in a diverse environment that is united around Jesus, even in our differences

  • Energized and inspired by periods of significant change, with experience leading others through it

  • High value for cultivating and empowering diversity

  • Champion of an egalitarian ministry philosophy and committed to the development and empowerment of women at all levels of church engagement and leadership

  • Highly collaborative and proactive leader who builds trust and works effectively through influence and communal discernment

  • Comfortable being visible but not seeking the spotlight

  • Resilient and poised in the midst of adversity and relational complexity

  • High emotional and relational intelligence

  • A “player-coach” who can call potential out of younger team members 

  • Takes Jesus seriously, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously

The Meeting House FamilyWhat It's Like to Live in The Greater Toronto Area, Canada: 

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is  a vibrant region that offers an exceptional quality of life for families. Nestled in the heart of Ontario, Canada, the GTA is a bustling metropolis that combines the best of urban amenities, cultural diversity, and natural beauty.

Living in the GTA means being part of a thriving community. With a population of about six million people, the region is known for its multiculturalism and for being one of the most diverse cities in the world. This diversity is reflected in the variety of international cuisines, festivals, and events that take place throughout the year, providing opportunities for families to learn, grow, and bond together over new experiences.

With sprawling parks, stunning waterfronts, world-class museums, art galleries, sporting events and facilities, and theaters, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy in the GTA. Families can explore iconic attractions such as the CN Tower and Royal Ontario Museum, or take a leisurely stroll along the historic streets of Kensington Market and Distillery District.

Education is a priority in the GTA, with many high-standard schools, both public and private, offering excellent educational opportunities for children of all ages. The region is home to prestigious universities and colleges, providing world-class education and research facilities.

One of the GTA's greatest assets is its proximity to natural wonders. Residents are just a short drive away from the Niagara Falls and the stunning Muskoka region. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy hiking, camping, boating, and skiing in the surrounding countryside.

The  Greater Toronto Area provides a perfect blend of urban liveliness, cultural richness, and natural beauty that makes it an attractive destination for families. With its welcoming community, excellent education, and recreational activities, the GTA offers everything that makes a city a home.


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