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Thornapple Valley Church

Lead Pastor

Hastings, Michigan




Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,300

Location: Hastings, Michigan

The Role: The Lead Pastor serves as the senior leader of Thornapple Valley Church and will give broad oversight to ministry and staff. Important to this role is establishing and casting vision, overseeing church in general, and being the primary speaker/teacher.

Presentation (top of job post)

Meet Thornapple Valley Church:

The DNA of Thornapple Valley Church best accomplishes its mission of reaching the lost for Jesus by taking risks. They are willing to try anything to reach unchurched people while maintaining an atmosphere of acceptance and authenticity. They don’t take themselves too seriously and believe the ultimate goal of connecting people with God is preeminent. TVC would say, “We are at our best when we are committed to having relationships with people far from God.”

Their theological distinction is they are generalists. They major on the majors and consider themselves Evangelical and Charismatic with a seatbelt on. They operate with a non-political agenda while simply sticking to the Apostle’s Creed. 

Our Mission: Connecting People with God

Our Vision: We are a serving church for unchurched people

Our Passion: Becoming accepting and authentic Christ-followers

Our Values: We believe every person’s spiritual life will grow as they: 

  • Attend weekend services.

  • Serve God as a way of life.

  • Connect in a Life Group.

Meet the Lead Pastor:

In this role, the Lead Pastor will give broad oversight to ministry and staff. Important to this role is establishing and casting vision, overseeing church in general, and being the primary speaker/teacher. The ideal candidate must be someone who loves God, loves people and loves to have fun. They will be on board with the culture of TVC while championing the vision of being a serving church for unchurched people.


The Lead Pastor Role Will: 

  • Develop a strong rapport with the church family, church leaders, volunteers, and staff.

  • Give broad oversight to the Staff and growing spiritually and in leadership. 

  • Delivers relevant and thought-provoking weekend messages always aware of the unchurched.

  • Work with the current Senior Pastor to create a smooth transition over the next year (or less).


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

While a bachelor's degree or graduate degree would be a bonus, education is not a high priority for the future Lead Pastor of TVC. Emphasis will be put on being a life-long learner and life experience over formal education/seminary. 

This position would require being a student of all things God, church and leadership and building and developing teams/leaders. 

This person would also have five to ten years of proven experience in being a visionary leader, shepherding and equipping people, and strong preaching skills.

Personal Characteristics 

  • Christ Follower - They must have a love for Christ and a desire to continue taking Next Steps in their relationship with Him.

  • Love Thornapple Valley Church - They must be fully on board with TVC's mission of connecting people with God, support their values of Serve and Connect, and be comfortable with the idea of being a serving church for unchurched people.

  • Leader of leaders - Leadership is influence. They will use their influence to help guide others as they work with Ministry Team Leaders and volunteers to build their own teams and spheres of influence.

  • Character - They will be setting an example for others in this role. As such, they will need to exhibit a Godly character: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23. 

  • Relational -They will be working with many individuals and teams.

  • Organized - They will need to process emails, phone calls, meetings, and information in a timely and forward-moving manner. 

  • Communicate - You will need to share changes and other information with staff.


What it's like to live in Hastings, Michigan: 

Hastings, Michigan

Hastings is a vibrant community located on the Thornapple River in the heart of Barry County. Ideally situated between the metropolitan areas of Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Battle Creek, Hastings is home to quaint shops and unique restaurants in a very special small town surrounded by nature’s beauty. Visitors can enjoy Hasting’s downtown festivals and daily events, or just get some rest and relaxation on the nature trails and parks!

Residents can live Downtown, canoe the Thornapple River, play soccer or take a walk on the Tyden Park river trail. Parks, schools, neighborhoods, and industry are all within blocks of downtown.

Hastings offers a quality of life that is desired by many and is named one of the best small towns in America.

Grand Rapids Metro

Grand Rapids is the primary cultural and business hub of western Michigan. Nearby hardwood forests made the city a notable furniture-producing center in the 19th and early 20th centuries. That industry continues today but has transitioned somewhat towards high-tech office furniture, serving as headquarters for such names as Steelcase and Herman Miller. 

The surrounding area is agricultural and interesting. The tempering effect of Lake Michigan promotes a greater agricultural variety than otherwise found in many Midwestern locations, with berries, lettuce, flowers and fruit trees such as apple, peach, and cherry. Cultural and recreational amenities are excellent with a strong performing arts component and abundant outdoor activities, including nearby beaches to the west.

Downtown is clean and typically Midwestern and even slightly European in appearance where the Grand River flows through. West of the Grand lies an attractive redevelopment zone, home of the Van Andel Museum. At 150 miles from Detroit and 175 miles from Chicago, the location is not too far from big-city amenities and services. High incomes and low living costs make this area a good value for families to live in. 

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