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TMS Global

Vice President of Advancement

Norcross, GA

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Denomination: Non-Denominational / Wesleyan

Location: Norcross, GA

The Role: Vice President of Advancement

IMG_7317-Enhanced-NRMeet TMS Global:

TMS Global sends people around the world to spread the love and message of Jesus. Since 1984, TMS Global has mobilized, trained, and served hundreds of cross-cultural witnesses. Currently, more than 140 workers serve in 39 countries around the world. Thousands of people have been introduced to Jesus and discipled in their faith. In addition to the sending of cross-cultural witnesses, TMS Global is laser focused on equipping and mobilizing the local church to engage in missions at home and around the world.

About the VP of Advancement:

Advancement Mission Statement | To provide strategic oversight and direction to the Advancement, Marketing and Communications endeavors of TMS Global. 

The primary responsibility of VP of Advancement is to lead and manage the development activities of TMS Global. The VP for Advancement supports the mission of the organization by building a strong and diversified fundraising portfolio, and by providing leadership to advancement staff, including leading the fundraising efforts of the ministry and working closely with the President/CEO in fostering and maintaining positive relations between the ministry and the public and in advancing the vision and mission of the ministry in the community at large. Additionally, the Vice President for Advancement will serve on the Executive Leadership Team in developing and implementing the ministry's strategic goals, and give divisional oversight to TMS Global’s Marketing Department and Communications Department.

TMS Global MissionsThe VP of Advancement's Responsibilities Include: 

  • Responsible for securing the revenue required to meet the strategic and fundraising goals of the ministry.  

  • The individual is responsible for the complete and satisfactory execution of her/his job, with minimal direct supervision. 

  • To live a lifestyle that is above reproach and worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ. To live in accordance with the faith statement and core values of TMS Global.

  • To be committed to an example of life-long learning and continuous intentional growth in the study and life application of God’s Word.

  • To work closely with the Development, Communications, and Marketing Teams to effectively encourage, mentor, and guide these colleagues in their work with a view toward fostering professional growth and achievement, a cooperative team spirit, and a high level of professional satisfaction.

  • To work in close consultation with the CEO and VP for Finance in developing and monitoring the division's annual budget.

  • To monitor the progress toward the division's goals and regularly report to the President/CEO and, when required, to the Board of Directors, on the division's progress. The VP for Advancement will be prepared to make changes in either goals or strategy when situations warrant such adjustments.

  • To develop a detailed, comprehensive, and effective strategic plan that is continuously monitored to ensure acceptable return on investment for maintaining and enhancing giving in all constituent groups including, major donors, smaller donors, local churches, new donors, planned/estate giving, and foundations/grants/corporate giving. 

  • To assume overall responsibility for the development of a comprehensive, consistent, and effective marketing strategy for the ministry. This responsibility includes ensuring the ministry’s participation in a wide variety of community events, advising the President/CEO on public relations/media-related matters, and representing the ministry at local meetings of like-minded organizations/associations.

  • To assume oversight responsibility for the Marketing Department, including holding regular, strategic planning meetings with the Director of Marketing and the Senior Director of Communications who report to the VP for Advancement.

  • To serve as a key staff liaison for the Advancement Committee of the Board of Directors and work closely with the chair of that committee to ensure advancement alignment throughout the organization.

  • To serve on the President’s Executive Leadership Team.

  • Any other reasonable duties as assigned by supervisors.

TMS Global SpeakerWhat You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the VP of Advancement:

Education & Experience

  • College degree from an accredited college or university 

  • Significant work experience in a related field

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong working knowledge of local church operations, global missions, and donor development

  • People skills

  • Relational intelligence

  • Networking skills are essential

  • Strong public speaking and instructional ability

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Tactful in personal contact and written correspondence related to the various needs of the staff, public, cross-cultural witnesses, donors, and church leadership

  • Must enjoy working and communicating with people

  • Must have the ability to organize teams and administer their operation

  • Standard of Behavior:  Employment with TMS Global is a privilege and a ministry.  All people on staff must be gifted in sharing the Love of God through joyful service to those in need of our care and attention.  A professional and loving commitment to promoting TMS Global’s mission and ministries is a minimum standard of behavior.

TMS Global TeamWhat it's Like to Live in Norcross, GA: 

Norcross, Georgia is one of the most diverse and eclectic communities in north Georgia. The Metro Atlanta area is one of the most vibrant cities in America. We have temperate weather, a multitude of great universities, vibrant arts - including world-class music industry, a growing film and television industry, and a great commitment to fine arts. College and professional sports of every imaginable kind exist here. 

There is a vibrant Christian community and some of the strongest churches in America are here. We have authentic expressions of nearly every cuisine on the globe within 15-20 minutes of the TMS Global office. Our public school system in Gwinnett County was ranked as the best in Georgia and one of the best in the country again this year. We have the world's busiest airport in Atlanta, making it possible to get to literally anywhere in the world from here. The economy is solid and growing, and there are new industries relocating here all the time. 

There are many nice neighborhoods within close proximity to the TMS Global offices enabling some to avoid city traffic. There is also a metro station within a 10-minute drive from the office that goes directly to the airport, enabling domestic and international travel without needing to deal with Atlanta traffic. 

Overall, Norcross, GA stands out as an exceptional choice for families due to its vibrancy, excellent schools, and abundance of family-friendly amenities.

NOTE: Hybrid Remote/in-office work schedule is an option


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