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Trinity Bible Church

Serve Pastor

Willow Park, Texas



Denomination: Independent Bible Church

Weekly Attendance: 1000

Neighborhood: Willow Park/Weatherford/Fort Worth area

The role: The Serve Pastor will Supervise Family Ministry staff and champion TBC’s Serve strategy which is to live out God’s love to others (Ephesians 4:11-12) by providing opportunities to serve one another within TBC, and opportunities to serve others locally.

IMG_9124-1Meet Trinity Bible Church: 

In May of 1999, God led our current pastor, Jon Sherman, to Trinity Bible Church. Over the years, our staff has grown from a total of two in those days to 25 full-time and part-time staff members serving a rapidly expanding church family!

Trinity Bible Church began as a small group of about ten families and friends who started meeting together December 10, 1978. They all lived in the Aledo area and grew tired of driving into Fort Worth in order to attend a Bible church. So, at the home of Dr. Tom Howorth, they met and agreed to start their own local church.

From the beginning, these families desired that the defining marks of Trinity Bible Church would be (a) submission to the authority of God’s Word, (b) a family-friendly environment, and (c) a generous heart towards outreach. And those indeed remain our defining marks today.

In 1980, we purchased the first five acres where our present facilities are located. Over the years, that first building was improved and expanded. Later, we bought nine additional acres to allow for greater expansion. We nearly doubled the size of the main church structure, built a new Student Ministry building, and added more parking. That work was completed in the fall of 2010.

In 2013, we purchased another five and a half acres of adjacent property and added hundreds of new parking spaces to accommodate our growing church family. Also in 2013, a new worship service called The Feed was launched to provide a different style of music in a more intimate setting.

From our humble beginnings in Aledo, Texas, God has blessed Trinity Bible Church; He has expanded our influence as we reached out to our neighbors in Parker and Tarrant Counties, planted new churches, and sent out missionaries. We are currently supporting churches, ministries, and missionaries in our community, our country, and around the world!

P1055463 12.59.54 PM-1About the Serve Pastor: 

The Serve Pastor will Supervise Family Ministry staff and champion TBC’s Serve strategy which is to live out God’s love to others (Ephesians 4:11-12) by providing opportunities to serve one another within TBC, and opportunities to serve others locally.

The Serve Pastor will: 

  • Champion current Family Ministry staff to ensure their visions and ministry goals are attained.

  • Further develop the servant leader strategy “Finding Your Place” to make it effective in obtaining servant leaders willing to volunteer in a timely manner.

  • Growth in the number of servant leaders participating with TBC and local ministries.

  • Annually, TBC hosts  Vision Night, a celebration of servant leaders. We would love to see a growth in servant leaders participating in this event.

  • A successful candidate would serve in this new position for  a minimum of 5 years to help establish our vision and mission.

  • Oversee TBC’s servant leader strategy “Finding Your Place” in order to assist all members of TBC to serve in the ministry area best suited for their gifts

  • Supervise Prime Timers Ministry Leader (Volunteer), Men’s Leadership Team, Women’s Ministry Leader, Associate Pastor to Students, and Associate Pastor to Children and lead efforts to make disciples among each generation

  • Lead the partnership between the staff and the Deacons

  • Oversee opportunities for TBC congregation to serve others locally.

  • Serve as a member of TBC’s Executive Team

  • Serve as Pastor of the Day approximately once every two weeks

  • Perform pastoral responsibilities such as perform wedding ceremonies, provide pastoral counseling, and conduct funerals.

What you bring: 


The ideal candidate will have a bachelor's degree and preferably have a master’s degree.


The ideal candidate will have at least three years or more of experience at a larger (800 to 1,000-plus) church, with experience leading a team and meetings, and comfortable in a Family Pastor, Youth Pastor, Nextgen Pastor, or similar leadership role.

Personal Characteristics

  • Non-negotiables:

    • Leadership, Administration, and Teaching

    • Salvation: Born-again (John 3:3)

    • Maturity: Growing in love for God and others (Matthew 22:36-40)

    • Unity: Embraces the over-arching vision and mission of Trinity Bible Church and works as a team member to carry out such vision. (Ephesians 4:1-16)  Keeps all expectations set forth for a TBC member (i.e. adhering to our Doctrinal Statement, submitting to the leadership, etc.)

    • Performance: Fulfilling your role and responsibilities to the best of your ability and to the glory of God (Colossians 3:23-24)


  • Demonstrates “gospel-fluency” and ability to articulate the message of the gospel clearly to others

  • Called to support the vision/mission of TBC and feels responsible for its impact and reputation in the community


  • Demonstrates personal and professional trust

  • Demonstrates maturity through spiritual, moral and ethical behavior

  • Consistency in completing assigned tasks with excellence


  • Has the knowledge of how to reach a desired outcome

  • Has the managerial skills necessary to achieve that outcome

  • Has the ability to plan for future needs and development and takes the initiative to see it through


  • Good steward of time and resources including finances

  • Ability to communicate and execute a plan

  • Able to perform the job and keeps knowledge current with the times and technology

  • Continually looks for process improvement and effectiveness


  • Proactively cultivates healthy work relationships

  • Has a personality and temperament that compliments those of current staff members

IMG_5565-1What it's like to live in the Willow Park/Weatherford/Fort Worth area: 

Willow Park, Aledo, and Weatherford, Texas (Parker and Tarrant Counties)

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metro Area

Fort Worth welcomes visitors from around the world to experience the great American West and rich arts and culinary treasures. There are more than 92 attractions in a 10-mile radius of downtown. The city offers the No. 1 downtown in America and is located minutes from AT&T Stadium and DFW International Airport. As one visitor says, "unpretentious, laid-back, and charismatic in all the right ways." For a weekend, a business meeting, sports or family reunion, Fort Worth offers experiences to last a lifetime.

Dallas is the eastern, larger half of the Dallas-Fort Worth “Metroplex.” Dallas is what most people think of when they first think of Texas: big, busy, growing, cosmopolitan, rich, glitzy, and self-confident. Dozens of gleaming downtown skyscrapers tower above the level plains, while an assortment of neighborhoods and suburban commercial centers sprawl in all directions around the city core. It has far outgrown its beltway and is supported by a spider web of freeways going in all directions, a network almost without compare in other U.S. cities. Long commutes are common, thanks to the large population, growth rate, and urban sprawl, but most don’t commute to the city itself. A rapidly developing rail-transit program is helping to cope, but Dallas is pretty much a “motor city.”

Above all else, Dallas is a center for corporate America. Because of its central location relative to the rest of the United States, Dallas is a popular convention site and site for many corporate headquarters, and if a company isn’t headquartered here, it probably has a large regional office. Also contributing are the favorable business climate, the availability of educated workers, and the unspoken notion of being in the center of all things big. Although there is little oil produced in the immediate area, Dallas’ growth began with the east Texas oil boom, and petroleum continues to be a large factor in the local economy.

The strong economy and wealthy population have endowed the city with a collection of arts, cultural assets, and parks. The many cultural landmarks include theaters, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Meyerson Symphony Center, and the Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired Dallas Theater Center. Filling out the roster of major-league teams are the NFL Cowboys, MLB Rangers, NBA Mavericks, and NHL Stars, all drawing a strong local and national following. Dallas reputedly has more retail stores and restaurants per capita than any other place in the country. A few lakes exist to the north and east, but outdoor recreational opportunities in the surrounding flat plains are limited. Nonetheless, as the center of the nation’s air-transport networks, and the hub for American and Southwest Airlines, Dallas provides numerous getaway opportunities; the city lags only behind Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta in the number of available airline flights.

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