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Vancouver Church

Executive Pastor

Vancouver, Washington

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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 550

Location: Vancouver, WA

The Role: Executive Pastor

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Meet Vancouver Church:

Vancouver Church began as a Sunday school in 1926. Over the next three decades, the church expanded its membership, new worship facilities were constructed. In 1972, the church purchased a 14-acre site on 78th Street to construct a larger church and expanded daycare center.

 A few years later,  the church held its first service at the newly constructed facilities, and as the church and school grew, other facilities were built to accommodate the growth. Later the school was renamed King’s Way Christian Schools and is now an independent 501(c)(3). 

Today, Vancouver Church is a multi-generational, suburban church in Clark County, dedicated to reaching our churchless neighbors and establishing them in their faith as devoted disciples who join others who make disciples. Our desire is to reach thousands of our churchless neighbors, meeting the practical needs of the most vulnerable, and developing competent kingdom servants and leaders who multiply.  Pre-covid, our attendance was 800, after opening back, our attendance stabilized at 400. Since that time, our weekly attendance has grown to over 550, and we have baptized 77 adults, youth, and children. We also support on our campus, a dedicated Hispanic service with its own pastor and leadership team.


About the Executive Pastor:

The Executive Pastor (XP) is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the church staff, administration, finance, and operations.  The XP is responsible for the strategy that ensures the realization of the mission and vision of the church. Their oversight of the strategic preparation and execution of ministry assures the successful outcomes of the church. This is accomplished by the required oversight to the pastors, directors, interns, and volunteers entrusted with the work of ministry.  

The XP will ensure that the mission, vision, values, and strategic planning of the church are executed with excellence through the staff and volunteers according to our ministry plans and budget.  The mandate is to form a close bond of trust with the lead pastor, speak, lead and act as his representative, thereby freeing him to focus on vision, preaching, prayer, and shepherding.  The XP should know the heart, mission, vision, strategy, and goals of the Senior Pastor. He should have the fortitude and wisdom to take the skeleton vision provided by the pastor and put operational and strategic procedures in place to accomplish this. He is to be a steward of the pastor’s vision, values, and cultural tone.

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The Executive Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

Administrative and Staff Management 

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to organize and guide the operations of the office

  • Oversee the coordination with the IT department

  • Work with appropriate staff to manage relationships with vendors, service providers ensuring all items are invoiced and paid in a timely manner. 

  • Ensure that the security, integrity,  and confidentiality of all data is communicated and followed through.  

  • Provide leadership to recruit staff as needed.  Create a recruiting plan that attracts and retains a staff of excellence

  • Ensure VC has best practices for employment including on-boarding, training,  and compliance and that they are in alignment with regulatory requirements

  • Evaluate staff performance; coach, mentor, and provide leadership as necessary to ensure top performance.  

  • Build accountability measures through SMART goals. Review and track goals, provide feedback and performance improvement plans where necessary. 

  • Be aware of staff schedules, calendar,  and appointments.  Recommend and make changes as needed.  

  • Assure holiness is pursued in the church, sin is addressed, and conflict is resolved within the church.

  • Create an environment of improvement - always striving for excellence in character, faith,  and ever-improving performance.

  • Assure that hope is always infused into staff  by celebrating victories, encouraging those who made those victories possible, casting vision for the future and maintaining a culture of optimism in the present.

Financial Planning Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic management of the accounting and finance functions

  • Oversee yearly financial forecasting (MortarStone Software)

  • Oversee the relationship with independent auditors; Oversee financial systems implementations and upgrades

  • Direct accounting policies, procedures,  and internal controls

  • Recommend improvements when necessary to ensure the integrity of company’s financial information

  • Manage all giving reports

  • Identify and manage business risks and insurance requirements

  • Attend Board of Trustees meetings.  

  • Work with the Lead Pastor and leadership team on all aspects of budgeting and financial reporting; make board presentations.

Facility Management Responsibilities 

  • Develop maintenance and operational programs in collaboration with the Maintenance & Facilities Manager

  • Oversee all vendor contracts, negotiate bids and contracts for third-party workers

  • Ensure all building systems run efficiently

  • Prepare operating reports and budgets

  • Create and maintain a safe work environment for all employees

  • Ensure all processes and compliance programs are met

  • Oversee facilities planning and space allocation

  • Complete cost estimation for moves and equipment

  • Coordinate with department heads and building contractors

  • Manage maintenance of grounds

  • Coordinate building security and maintenance services

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What You Bring: 

Education: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent is required.  Master’s Degree preferred.  

Experience: Minimum of 5-years’ experience in relevant ministry and strategic operations.  Senior Management experience with knowledge in finance and basic accounting principles,  2- years’ experience in HR administration and general HR management.

Continuing Education/Training: Willingness to participate in and provide continued training as appropriate

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Maintain Christ-centered priorities in your life by putting Jesus first, spouse second, children third and ministry fourth.

  • Take initiative; be aware of what is/isn’t happening around you, then take action.

  • Spend 70% of your time fulfilling your personal job responsibilities, 20% supporting your fellow team members and 10% on personal/professional development (determined in collaboration with your supervisor)

  • Serving with joy in an area of ministry; this is above and beyond your professional job.

  • Be loyal to the mission, vision, and your fellow staff members, and always protect the unity of Vancouver Church.

  • Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude through all interactions with the congregation, staff, and volunteers.

  • Invest in the lost and invite them to know Jesus and join Vancouver Church.

  • As an act of worship & teamwork, tithe at least 10% of your VC income to the mission and vision of Vancouver Church.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Has a growing and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Is committed to personal growth, servant leadership, healthy relationships and being one in spirit with the leadership team

  • Is energetic, self-motivated and thrives on being challenged

  • Has a passion for doing the work of the Apostle or Evangelist and the discipline of discipleship with the Great Mission in focus

  • Is a team player with strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Has the necessary educational training and proven experience to accomplish the job description

  • Can demonstrate previous success and an ongoing ability to complete the job responsibilities, preferably in a church beyond our size

  • Spouse and children are Christ followers, and regularly & positively participate in the life & mission of Vancouver Church
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What it's Like to Live in Vancouver, WA: 

Vancouver sits on the north bank of the Columbia River, the second-biggest river in the country. To the east, you see the Cascade Mountain Range with snow-capped Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. Drive 90 minutes west and you reach the Pacific Ocean. Cross the bridge over the Columbia River to the south and you’re in one of the country’s most vibrant cities in the country, Portland, Oregon - and the number one city for foodies! Culture, arts, dining, shopping, fishing, skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, hunting, and hiking are all reasons people are moving into one of the fastest-growing counties in the PNW.

Whether you look to our downtown, the surrounding suburbs, or to one of Clark County’s rural communities, you’ll find a place where many desire to live.  Good schools, abundant outdoor beauty, a strong economy, mild weather, and a relaxed West Coast culture are hallmarks of the Portland-Vancouver area. That said, Vancouver is quite distinct from Portland, seeing many Portlanders moving across the bridge after recent upheavals.

Vancouver is a mix of relaxed, west coast vibes with family-focused values. Many people move north from California and Portland due to Clark County's more conservative community and schools with an outstanding scholastic reputation. Washington does not have an income tax, and homes are more affordable so this adds to the appeal. You’ll find friendly neighbors, abundant parks, and endless recreation. All in all, Vancouver, Washington, is an ideal place.

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