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Executive Search Consultant - Atlanta Office

Atlanta, Georgia

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Team Size: 40 members 

Office Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Vanderbloemen is honored to present this role.  www.Vanderbloemen.com/jobs

The role: The Executive Search Consultant will serve as a point person for executive searches at the firm, as well as for developing new relationships and connecting with clients in the area.


Meet Vanderbloemen:

Vanderbloemen helps churches, non-profits, and for-profit organizations find great staff.

Vanderbloemen is a retained executive search firm, serving churches and Christian organizations in all parts of the United States and internationally. Its central office is in the heart of Houston.

Our clients come from over 50 different denominations or types of churches, as well as Christian non-profits and relief organizations.

The firm represents churches ranging in attendance from 30 to over 70,000. Churches such as Johnson Ferry Baptist, Dogwood Baptist, Stonecreek Church and The Parish are representative of those who choose to retain Vanderbloemen to help find key staff.

While Vanderbloemen can staff any position at any size church, the bulk of our work is made up of searches for senior level staff. Searches involving Senior Pastor succession are an area of particular expertise.

In addition to search work, the firm also provides services in staff consulting, succession planning, and compensation analysis.

Growth at Vanderbloemen has been both rapid and sustained. Future growth is anticipated and planned for. This search represents one of several new positions at the firm. Vanderbloemen was also recently featured on the cover of Houstonia magazine's Best Places to Work issue:


Vanderbloemen Search Group was recently featured by Houstonia Magazine as one of the "Best Places to Work"

About the Executive Search Consultant: 

Vanderbloemen is expanding its footprint and opening a new office in Atlanta, Georgia. This Atlanta-based Executive Search Consultant will be on the ground floor of establishing this office and growing our work across the southeast.

The Executive Search Consultant will serve as a point person for executive searches at the firm, as well as for developing new relationships and connecting with clients in the area. The successful candidate will be responsible for seeing a search through from beginning to end, providing a concierge-level service to our clients and earning their respect as a trusted advisor in hiring and succession planning. The ability to execute quality searches on or ahead of schedule with excellence is paramount to success as an Executive Search Consultant.

As the firm grows and expands, the successful candidate will show an ability to creatively expand their role, creating new processes and systems for improving our services. They will be a vital part of expanding our ability to help the Kingdom by becoming the premier source for talent solutions among churches, Christian non-profits, Christian schools, values-based businesses, and private family offices.

The ideal candidate already has a network of relationships in the Atlanta area and has likely worked in and around churches for years. They will be highly adept at developing trust and nurturing relationships.



Searches -- Be the primary “face” for Vanderbloemen in carrying out our search work in your region. 

  • Demonstrate a high level of discernment for finding where candidates “fit”within active Vanderbloemen searches.

  • Learn the Vanderbloemen systems and offer creative input on improving those systems.

  • Manage 12 or more active searches at a time and execute those searches in accordance with your training and our uniform systems.

  • Proactively engage with difficult searches and identify potential candidates.

Client Relations & Business Development -- Build relationships with pastors, non-profit executives, and Christian school leaders in your region, both current clients and future clients.

  • Work closely with VP of Consulting and VP of Business Development on planning and hosting regional roundtables on a routine basis with the purpose of networking, hosting, and providing Vanderbloemen thought leadership for these practices.

  • Attend local church and Christian leadership conferences and denominational meetings.

  • Collaborate with VP of Business Development and Marketing Manager on creating local/regional videos and social media featuring this region.

  • Serve local Christian organizations by providing staff lunches and speaking at staff meetings.

  • Build relationships with organizations who are considering utilizing Vanderbloemen services by hosting regular business development meetings.


  • Build strong relationships with the Vanderbloemen team and contribute to the Vanderbloemen culture.

  • Able to keep up with a travel schedule away from home, including occasional weekends, that averages two to three nights away per week (the first 90 days will include extensive travel and time in Houston for training and onboarding).

  • Assist other Executive Search Consultants as needs arise.

  • Write and submit content regularly as a resource to church leaders.

  • Serve on ad-hoc teams from time-to-time to help Vanderbloemen solve problems or take steps into a new market or product offering.

  • Work full-time for Vanderbloemen (other jobs must be approved).

  • Lead non-search jobs for Vanderbloemen as needed, such as consulting, training, teaching, etc.

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What you bring: 


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred. Seminary training is a plus.

Experience & Skills

The new Executive Search Consultant must have an entrepreneurial spirit and be an organizational builder. The successful candidate will likely have extensive experience working in a large church, para-church ministry, and/or Christian nonprofit. He or she will have proven experience in leadership, creative thinking, problem solving, and organizational development. They are likely known by others to be organized, detail-oriented, relational, self-motivated, and high-capacity.

Personal Characteristics

  • Already lives in the Atlanta region and has connections throughout the city and surrounding areas.

  • Passionate about the Church and its mission, including those churches that might differ from personal theology.

  • Is a self-starter; a person who is strongly motivated and shows initiative.

  • Although has likely led in large organizations in the past, is content joining the team in a non-leadership position.

  • Exhibits a spirit of flexibility and is willing to accept and lead through change.

  • Has high relational skills and can thrive in any room, whether sitting with a candidate or in a boardroom of a large organization. 

  • Has a demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of moral principles.

  • Has the ability to engage our clients with a mix of professionalism, compassion, and wisdom.

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