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Vibrant Faith

Executive Director

Remote, United States



Location: United States - The Executive Director is not required to relocate and is able to work remotely.

The Role: The Executive Director is one who is in a living relationship with God that is at the center of who they are and is a creative thinker and ambitious builder with an entrepreneurial and self-motivated spirit.

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Meet Vibrant Faith:

Together with you, we’re transforming the way churches envision and design faith formation for all ages and generations in the 21st century.

We root our process in history while adapting it to our current world

The work of Vibrant Faith helps Christian churches develop effective faith forming approaches that embody both historic practices of Christian formation and address changing cultural realities. We walk through this process to train and coach faith communities to create or prioritize ministry that is intergenerational, lifelong, relational, and helps people to name and claim their callings. We offer churches focus and accountability for adaptive leadership through coaching, training, courses, resources, and support.

In 1997, Dr. Merton and Irene Strommen founded The Youth & Family Institute in memory of their son David, a young seminarian and youth worker who was killed by lightning while leading a youth trip in the Colorado mountains. The organization was renamed Vibrant Faith Ministries in 2010. The Strommens’ vision was to take the best research and academic insight, ground and deepen it with Christian theology, and instill an evangelical spirit of ministry to help congregations strengthen families to nurture faith. The call across the Christian church to claim the role of the family in the formation of faith actually began from this small organization.

In recent years, Nancy Going has taken a strong role to clarify action/research as an approach, and this has been the direction of the organization and board. These efforts have resulted in two grants from the Lilly Foundation for significant research within the Creating a Culture of Calling Initiative and the Thriving Congregations Initiative.

Looking Forward. Sensing the need for change in the faith forming systems of the church, Vibrant Faith has re-organized around defining the next generation of services to churches, organizations, and leaders. Our coaching and training are designed to partner with faith-formers and pursue innovation for the church’s processes of faith formation. Our projects and initiatives are designed to call churches to what matters most for effective faith formation in the 21st century.

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About the Executive Director:

The Executive Director serves to execute and advance the mission and vision of Vibrant

Faith as established by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director is one who is in a living relationship with God that is at the center of who they are. They are a creative thinker and ambitious builder with an entrepreneurial & self-motivated spirit. Able to think strategically and provide clear vision and focus. Fosters great relationships and an extensive network, with the capability to be highly professional both in person and virtually. An undeniable passion for Faith Formation for young adults, kids, and adults. The Executive Director is an external communicator for clients and donors. Highly respected and regarded in the world of academia and in the local church.

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The Executive Director Will: 

  •  Get to know internal & external stakeholders, and begin building key relationships and networks for future

  •  Develop a realistic and forward moving vision for 2021 Vibrant Faith work and the 2021 budget, solidifying existing business channels.

  •  With the VF team, develop the focus and business plan for a renewed training arm of Vibrant Faith.

  • Deliver Grant Workplans.

  • Develop New Revenue & Business Opportunities.

  • Shape and communicate the organization’s mission and strategies.

  • Ensure the organization has clear strategic priorities established and communicated. Update and adapt the strategies as needed to deliver on Vibrant Faith’s Vision/Mission as the environment changes.  

  • Participate in and provide support and direction for programming.

  • Oversee the administrative, financial, information technology (IT), marketing, and human resource functions of the organization. 

  • Oversee the organization’s financial operations and funds.

  • Oversee Information Technology (IT) 

  • Oversee Human Resources and Team Development 


What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Demonstrated accomplishments in multiple ministry settings that align with the core capabilities and strategic priorities of Vibrant Faith.

  • Doctoral graduate degree in a field related to Vibrant Faith’s mission and strategy. (Desired, but not necessary.)

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Loves Jesus.

  • One who seeks first the will of God through prayer and scripture; using his or her spiritual gifts to model faith in Christ and love for others.

  • Committed to Vibrant Faith’s mission and vision.

  • Excellent communicator who is capable of being the ‘face’ of the organization.

  • Thorough knowledge of the effective faith formation theory, research, principles, and practices through the life cycle.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Demonstrated leadership, management, and supervisory skills.

  • Ability to work effectively and collegially with representatives from diverse cultures, theological perspectives, and denominations.

  • Ability to generate revenue through donor development, securing grants and contracts, and/or speaking, training, and consulting.

  • Strong ecumenical spirit and connectivity.

  • Working understanding of the core functions of Vibrant Faith, including coaching, speaking, writing, and consulting.

  • Strong computer skills and understanding of new technologies

  • Ability to provide necessary fiscal oversight in a nonprofit environment.

  • Models a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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