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Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Senior Pastor




Denomination: Presbyterian - EPC

Weekly Attendance: 350

Location: Warsaw, Indiana

The Role: The Senior Pastor is responsible to the Session for achieving the goals of the church by leading the staff to create and implement programs and ministries, which ultimately reach others for Christ.


Meet Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church:

Our church has been worshiping and serving God in downtown Warsaw since November 7, 1840. Warsaw has grown significantly since then, and so have we. Our current facility dates to 1883 with the dedication of the sanctuary where our services are still held today. Later expansions to our building in 1915, 1984, and 2003 have added Sunday school wings, preschool classrooms, a fellowship hall, playground, gym, and youth room to our ministry facilities.   

By the turn of the millennium, it became apparent to us it was time to part ways with our former denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA). In 2004, after a period of discerning God’s direction, the congregation voted unanimously to withdraw from the PC (USA) and join the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. At that time we also changed our name from First Presbyterian Church to Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church.   

Today Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church (WEPC) continues to be known throughout the Warsaw area for its active and faithful Christian witness in the midst of changing times. As a downtown congregation, we are actively involved in helping the needy, partnering with local mission agencies, and reaching out to the neighborhoods surrounding our church building. We are also committed to reaching the next generation for Christ through Presby Preschool, our Sunday school programs, and our midweek children’s and student ministries.   

Our 175 year history reminds us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We who are part of this historic congregation today are indebted in countless ways to the faith of those who have gone before us. As recipients of this godly heritage and stewards of the gospel, we tirelessly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ so that the generations that come after us will experience the joy of knowing, loving, and serving our faithful Savior.

About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor is responsible to the Session for achieving the goals of the church by leading the staff to create and implement programs and ministries, which ultimately reach others for Christ and grow and care for the church membership. Staff reports to and are responsible to the Senior Pastor. The Pastor provides similar support for lay-led ministries.

The Senior Pastor will: 


  • Continue to grow the staff and elders in their leadership abilities; especially committed to helping Pastor Andrew Morton develop his leadership ability by providing him with opportunities to lead.

  • Strengthen existing connection points with the community, seek additional relationships.

  • Help congregation minister to the community and grow His Kingdom through outreach opportunities and personal evangelism.

  • Strengthen our relationship with Dominican Republic School and other supported missions and missionaries.

  • Strengthen Leadership and Programming for 4-12-year-olds.

  • Develop and Support efforts to draw Preschool families into our congregation.

  •  A Servant, a Listener, a Team Player, and Straightforward in communicator.


  • Teach God’s Word for the purpose of life transformation observed in conversions and maturing disciples who are actively giving and serving.

  • Inspire and Transform the congregation, make difficult concepts simple to understand, Bible-centered real-life application.


  • Present a one-year schedule/plan for sermons for 2020.

  • Lead the Worship Design Team to plan weekly services which are thematic, and which assist worshipers to connect with the Lord.

Pastoral Care:

  • Organize care resources to attend to the needs of the flock, including short term illnesses, hospitalization, and home convalescence.

  • Conduct personal visits, telephone contacts with those identified as appropriate.

  • Provide personal counseling at the pastor’s discretion and appropriate referrals.


  • Lead the refinement of mission, values, and the vision of the church.

  • Work with Session and Staff to develop several measurable goals for 2019.

  • Serve as spokesperson for that vision once it is established.

Management / Operations:

  • Supervise, mentor, and coordinate the efforts of Staff members to achieve the church’s mission of evangelism and discipleship.
  •  Teach, Disciple, and Motivate the congregation to fulfill the church’s mission.
  • Evaluate staff based on goal setting, achievement, job performance, creativity, and team play.
  • Review and monitor fiscal budget controls to create stability and ensure accountability.

Warsaw EPC

What you Bring: 

Personal Commitment to Christ:

  • High view of the Authority of Scripture.

  • Belief in the Word that is lived and preached.

  • Committed to our Presbyterian distinctions.

  • Unashamed of Christ, while loving individuals.

  • Ability to lead in the church discipline and restoration process when needed.


An M.Div. or similar advanced degree is required for this position, with a higher degree or additional advanced theological study preferred. (WEPC has a significantly high percentage of members with undergraduate and advanced degrees.)


The ideal candidate will have at least 7-10 years in the pastorate preferably including experience in a church with multiple weekend services. We desire a pastor who intends to stay as our leader for a minimum of 10 years. He will have demonstrated effective leadership of staff, elders, and other key lay leaders in his previous pastoral positions. His previous churches will be characterized as committed to reaching the community with the Gospel, with individuals serving Christ in the church and in the community and the church actively supporting parachurch ministries within the community. 

Personal Characteristics: 

  • Led by God. (loves Jesus, evidence of personal daily growth in grace – in awe of God’s holiness).

  •  Full of the joy of the spirit, enjoys life.

  •  Comfortable with and loves young kids and families.

  • Married, a faithful servant-leader of his family.

  • A team player and a great leader.

  •  Skilled in administration.

  •   People-person with a humble spirit.

  • Supportive, encouraging, motivational leader - a coach and mentor.

  • Allows the staff to be heard.

  •  Takes initiative with the freedom to make decisions.

  • Not a micromanager, and is open to suggestions, and collaborative.

  • Approachable and available to staff and elders.

  •  Loves, values, and wants to support the staff. Have their backs.

  • An entrepreneurial spirit, who is not afraid of the freedom to fail - and knows how to fail well.

  • Confident in the business side of things, with a vision for his role.

  • Strong leadership skills and adaptability.

  • Skilled at disciple-development – lead staff, elders, potential lay leaders.

  • Shepherd of the flock, with genuine concern for people.

  • Humble, strong, confidence in the Lord’s ability to meet our needs.

  • Models the fruit of the spirit in daily life and personal relationships.

  • Passionate about reaching the lost.


What it's like to live in Warsaw, Indiana: 

Warsaw, Indiana provides the picturesque small town feel for any couple or family and is one of Indiana’s best kept secrets. With a population of roughly 13,550 people, you’re bound to be enjoying your days living with less traffic, fewer crowds, and a close-knit community. Occupied between three different lakes and a vast amount of greenery, Warsaw illustrates a welcoming town in which families can create adventure and memories. 

Your ability to live comfortably is a key part when finding a location to work and live in. The economy in Warsaw is definitely an advantage when it comes to dwelling in such an area. It has a considerable lower cost of living compared to the rest of the United States, which leads to a pleasant and convenient lifestyle.

Warsaw, known as the Orthopedic Capital of the World®, is home to several major orthopedic device manufacturers and suppliers. The result is an economy that is definitely an advantage. It has a considerably lower cost of living compared to the rest of the United States, which leads to a pleasant and convenient lifestyle. The Warsaw Community Public Schools are highly rated, and there is also a Christian elementary and secondary school in the community. Grace College and Theological Seminary is in the neighboring town of Winona Lake.

Warsaw is in close proximity to major cities and provides engaging small-town festivities. Warsaw is known for having multiple art galleries, performing art centers, local lakes, and many family-centered events and opportunities. On your day or weekend off, drive a quick two to three hours to enjoy the food and entertainment of Chicago, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, or visit beautiful Lake Michigan beaches. All these details factor into making Warsaw a charming and ideal place to live compared to the big city life.

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