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Waters Edge Church

Executive Director of Programming and Creative Arts

Yorktown, Virginia

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Weekly Attendance: 2,800-3,000

Location: Yorktown, VA

Denomination & Affiliations: Southern Baptist

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The role: The Executive Director of Programming and Creative Arts will be responsible for overseeing the weekly execution of engaging worship experiences, creating strategies for effective marketing and branding, and directing all the communication strategies of Waters Edge Church. 

12525316_1264318813584940_3414687521666877849_oMeet Waters Edge Church:

Waters Edge Church (WEC) is a growing, contemporary church, with history and current loose ties to the Southern Baptist denomination. It was planted out of the Liberty Baptist church of Hampton, VA where Lead Pastor Stu Hodges served as the Student Pastor. Starting in 2003, with just 50 people and a laser-focus on reaching those who are far from God, Waters Edge has grown to nearly 3,000 people attending each week at one of the four campuses (Hampton, Yorktown, Newport News, and Williamsburg). Their passion for unchurched people is reflected in their tagline – “We will change the way you think about church.”

The reputation of Waters Edge in the community is pristine, and the church is well positioned for growth in the coming years. They are known for their focus on reaching the lost and their accessibility to people who do not attend church, for their fun and creative worship services, and for outstanding, practical, relevant bible teaching and commitment to connecting people in groups.

27164347_1966248766725271_2254981167273455637_oAbout the role:

The Executive Director of Programming and Creative Arts will be responsible for overseeing the weekly execution of engaging worship experiences, creating strategies for effective marketing and branding, and directing all the communication strategies of Waters Edge Church. They will also oversee the audio, lighting, and video technology for Waters Edge.

The Executive Director of Programming and Creative Arts will be a natural born leader with previous ministry experience in the areas of programming, worship, marketing, and creative arts. 

The effective Executive Director of Programming and Creative Arts will achieve the following goals during the first 24 months of service: 

  • Actively involved in the leadership, strategy, and direction of the church. 

  • Working under the leadership of and partnering with the Lead Pastor to fulfill the vision of Waters Edge Church.

  • Providing specific oversight to the total worship experience – from planning to execution to critique. 

  • The champion of video teaching for multi-site and online audiences.

  • Responsible for developing and managing the annual programming and communications budget. 

  • Ensuring consistent programming experiences across all the campuses.

  • Overseeing and providing vision to experiences and special events that involve programming resources. 

  • Required to work at all weekend worship experiences, all worship experiences on Christmas Eve and Easter, as well as other possible events outside of normal working hours as required by leadership.

  • Providing consistent evaluation of the programming and communications staff to include job performance, satisfaction, culture representation and budget use.

  • Constantly creating, critiquing, and improving processes and programs to include the latest in technology and worship arts. 

  • Programming weekly worship experiences that are relevant, creative, enjoyable, and executed with excellence. 

  • Programming communication for the weekly worship experience that emphasizes the culture and values of Waters Edge. 

  • Planning upcoming series and coordinating marketing and creative aspects of the series with other ministries and vendors. 

  • Creating marketing strategies and campaigns that strengthen the brand of Waters Edge and further the mission. 

  • Championing the use of social media to strengthen the brand and further the mission.

  • Working alongside other fun, vibrant, and creative staff members on our Executive Management Team. 

26685882_1951358521547629_388440512120735444_o (1)What you bring: 


An undergraduate degree is preferred. A seminary degree or further theological training is a bonus but not required. A bachelor’s degree in a creative field, like journalism, marketing, or a fine arts would be ideal for this position. 


The ideal candidate for this role will have five to ten years of experience in a multisite environment. 

Personal Characteristics

  • A strong, growing faith and personal relationship with Jesus. 

  • A people person who is also able to manage multiple ongoing projects.

  • Experienced in working within an innovative, outsider-focused, and multisite church.

  • Loyal, dedicated, and able to commit long-term to the vision, strategy, and values of Waters Edge Church and called to lead from the ‘second chair’.

  • A person who takes pride in excellence and is always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Innovative, proactive, resourceful and an effective problem solver.

  • In love with the local church and desire to be a part of making decisions and setting direction for the church.

  • A creative person who sees a story and understands how to tell it well with various mediums.

  • Someone who is collaborative and loves to work with a team of people, combining ideas and vision to align with the mission and vision of Waters Edge Church while still keeping content and deliverables fresh, innovative and interesting. 

What it's like to live in the Yorktown, Virginia, area:

Waters Edge Church is located in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area of Virginia with campuses in Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News and Williamsburg, the area is steeped in 400 years of American history. Hundreds of historical sites and attractions in the area draw visitors from around the world each year.

Yorktown is part of the Historic Triangle (along with Williamsburg and Jamestown), and is rich in Revolutionary and Civil War history.  With its proximity to beautiful beaches, rivers, the Blue Ridge Mountains, outstanding schools, and a high quality of life, Hampton Roads is undoubtedly a great place to live and raise a family.

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