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Wheaton Bible Church

Senior Pastor

West Chicago, Illinois



Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 4,200

Location: West Chicago, Illinois

The Role: The Senior Pastor is responsible for leading the staff, key leaders, and congregation by championing the mission, vision, and values of the Wheaton Bible Church.


Meet Wheaton Bible Church:

Wheaton Bible Church exists so that more and more people would love God, grow together and reach the world.  God has called us to build His kingdom here.  We have been serving the western suburbs of Chicago for more than 90 years, and we believe we are just getting started.  

As a community of imperfect people who have found forgiveness and reconciliation with God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, we are passionate about connecting people to the authentic hope, joy and purpose found in Jesus.  As a church of disciples who are making disciples, we are learning about Jesus and becoming more like Him together, and we can’t help but overflow with the love of God into the world.

Located 30 miles west of Chicago, Wheaton Bible Church is a non-denominational church averaging nearly 4200 people each weekend on its two campuses.  The Wheaton Bible Church (West Chicago) campus is located on North Avenue in West Chicago.  The facility is also home to Iglesia del Pueblo (IDP).  A full partner in the ministries of Wheaton Bible Church, IDP is a vibrant and growing Latino congregation offering services in Spanish.  Other ethnic groups also meet regularly at the West Chicago campus, including Filipino, Arabic, French African, and Khmer.   

A second campus, Tri-Village Church, meets in Streamwood at the AWANA corporate campus on the corner of Bartlett and Bode Roads, about 13 miles from the North Avenue location.


About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor of the Wheaton Bible Church will love God, love all His people, and inspire us to reach the world with His love. We are a multi-ethnic church in a multi-ethnic region.  As such, we continue to be committed to reaching all people, locally and globally. Our next Senior Pastor will guide and lead in teaching and preaching biblical truth, shepherd and care for the church community, and provide vision, direction, and spiritual leadership.

The Senior Pastor is responsible for leading the staff, key leaders, and congregation by championing the mission, vision, and values of the church. He will provide overarching pastoral and strategic leadership to the church’s life and work, partner with senior staff and key leaders, and will occasionally be involved at the execution-level of the church’s ministry and function.

The Senior Pastor will have the margin needed for study, writing, and his work as the primary external representative of the church.

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The Senior Pastor Will: 

  • Engage in the disciplines necessary for spiritual health and leadership discernment.

  • Serve as the chief vision-caster and value-clarifier of the church.

  • Consult with key leaders as they execute our ministry vision and strategy.

  • Develop strategic relationships that build the church’s resources for ministry.

  • Build the church’s external visibility and connections in the community and in global missions. 

  • Serve as a member of the Board of Elders, and the Executive Committee and a non-voting member of all other committees.

  • He and his wife shall become members of the Wheaton Bible Church upon his installation as pastor.


As the teaching/preaching Elder of the church, the Senior Pastor will be responsible for the spiritual edification of the saints and evangelism of the lost. He will minister the Word of God and care for other pastoral functions at regular and special church services. Through personal participation and delegation, he will provide for the shepherding of the church community and the overall leadership of the ministries of the church.

  1. Leadership

    1. Provide ongoing vision and direction for the church in collaboration with the Board of Elders and executive staff.

    2. Supervise, manage, develop, and pastor the executive staff by providing encouragement, mentoring, accountability, vision and direction.

    3. Model and protect a staff culture that honors and represents WBC’s mission and values through teamwork and collaboration. 

    4. Oversee and encourage the multiplication of ministry (teaching, leadership, vision development) by developing, coaching, and empowering both staff and lay leadership.

    5. Expand the core of key leaders with the goal of strengthening and fortifying the church body.

  2. Preaching and Teaching 

    1. Serve as the lead teacher/preacher at the church’s worship services.

    2. Administer the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

    3. Teach and preach at other services and functions when appropriate.

  3. Shepherding

    1. Develop personal relationships which model a growing commitment to Christ.

    2. Encourage the development of ministry structures that foster a commitment to a caring, Christ-centered community, internally and externally.

    3. Seek to develop a growing commitment to prayer and to lead others by personal example.  

    4. Maintain relational, spiritual, and professional trust with elders and ministry staff. 

    5. Have general oversight of all spiritual ministries of the church.

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What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree, not necessarily in a related field. A Master of Divinity or comparable graduate degree from an accredited evangelical, theological seminary or its equivalent is required, and a doctoral degree is preferred. 

  • He will have ten or more years of pastoral experience in a local church as a Senior Pastor, Associate, or Campus Pastor, with increasing responsibility. 

  • Experience and knowledge of multi-staff, multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-campus ministries is highly desired. 

  • Experience with local and global outreach ministries is also highly desired.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Pursues personal growth in Christlike character.

  • Works to be approachable and accessible.

  • Exhibits honesty, integrity and humility in his personal and professional life.

  • Demonstrates discernment and discretion.

  • Shows appreciation for others’ giftedness and cultural viewpoints.

  • Maintains a high degree of confidentiality and professionalism.

  • Seeks to live a lifestyle of learning from and service to others.

Core Competencies:

  • Committed to holiness and developing a personal walk with God to model and lead others in their faith.

  • Demonstrates the high standards of a Senior Pastor as found in 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1.

  • Passionate about God’s mandate to be ‘disciple-makers’ for Christ by bringing action to WBC’s mission, vision, and values.

  • Experienced in, and zeal for, the work of pastoral ministry.

  • Committed to leading and shepherding the Pastoral Staff and lay leaders as they implement the church ministry goals.  

  • Demonstrates creative and visionary leadership.

  • Exceptional skills in written and oral communication.

  • Reveals experience with and a heart for multicultural community and worship styles.

  • Team builder who fosters good relationships and leads by example.  

  • Strong managerial skills to prioritize, plan and produce quality work in a demanding environment with high-capacity leaders.  

  • A commitment to the Statement of Faith and Core Values as stated in the Bylaws.

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What it's Like to Live in DuPage County: 

Although the name of a church often indicates its location, in the case of Wheaton Bible Church, its name points to its origins.  From the church’s humble beginnings at the start of the Great Depression and for the eighty years that followed, Wheaton Bible Church had a thriving ministry in the city of Wheaton.  But as Sunday services and week-day ministries continued to grow, filling the Wheaton campus to capacity, church leaders and members felt a calling to reach more people in DuPage County.  DuPage County is a collar county of the Chicago metropolitan area. As of the 2010 census, the population was 916,924 and its county seat is Wheaton.  In 1999, the church took a visionary step of faith by voting to purchase 47 acres of land in unincorporated DuPage County for future expansion, and in the summer of 2008, Wheaton Bible Church opened its doors at the east end of West Chicago. 

West Chicago is a family-oriented community with a rich cultural mix and a proud heritage. Over the years, the city’s population has become more diverse with a wide range of cultures and ethnicities settling into the city; over half of the residents are of Latino descent.  People of all walks of life, including single professionals, families, and retirees, look to West Chicago as a great place to call home.  

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