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World Challenge

Director of Information Technology

Colorado Springs, Colorado



The Opportunity: The Director of Information Technology is responsible for delivering quality results through the effective and efficient use of systems resources across all functional departments at World Challenge, Inc.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado


Meet World Challenge:

World Challenge, Inc. was founded by Reverend David Wilkerson in 1971 and served as a corporate umbrella for his worldwide crusades, ministers' conferences, book and tract publication, video production, street evangelism, literature distribution, church planting, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and many charitable outreaches.

Gary Wilkerson became president of World Challenge in 2010 and moves forward with the same heart and vision as his father, sharing the gospel message through outreaches and resource distribution in the form of a monthly Pulpit Series newsletter and daily devotionals to hundreds of thousands of people.

WCl's Mercy Ministries outreach includes orphanages, overseas widows' fund, emergency/disaster relief, healthcare/clinics and feeding centers. WCl's Poverty Solutions ministers to the poorest communities worldwide through development, training and sharing the love of Christ to bring lasting change to the whole person and communities—mentally, physically, socially, financially, and spiritually. World Challenge, nearing its 50th anniversary, has global impact in over 50 countries, and yet operates with a staff of less than 50 associates.


About the Director of Information Technology:

The IT Director position is key to delivering quality results through the effective and efficient use of systems resources across all functional departments, addressing their unique needs. It is critical that this role builds strong and productive relationships with all departmental leaders, acting as a true partner in making IT a business enabler.

The position currently manages two direct reports as well as the relationship with external service providers for helpdesk, security, and systems infrastructure. The role will provide strategic influence to help position World Challenge to embrace technological advancement and build stepping stones to support expansion and achieve future success.

World Challenge is located in Colorado Springs. While this role is primarily an office position, because World Challenge has a global reach, there are occasions when we have staff travel to experience missions in action. The systems environment utilizes Mac computers with Office 365 and OneDrive for everyday operations, so virtually everything is stored in the cloud. Blackbaud is the central system for CRM (BB Raisers Edge) and Finance (BB Financial Edge). Luminate and Omatic are used to connect website interactions with Blackbaud. Additional web based applications include BambooHR (HR and payroll functions), Zavanta (policies and procedures), SharePoint (team collaboration), and Expensify (travel and expenses). There is a current project underway to collect and catalog various content reaching back 48 years, while constantly adding new content every day.

The Director of Information Technology is accountable for defining and delivering information technology strategies and capabilities across the enterprise. It is critical that this role builds strong and productive relationships with all departmental leaders, acting as a true partner in making IT a business enabler. Managing both internal IT direct reports and external contractors, this role is responsible for data analytics, development, and support of systems for business processes, IT infrastructure, data security and technical services.


The Director of Information Technology Will: 

Strategy for Information Technology

  • Contribute to the formulation of the organization’s business and digital strategies.

  • Proactively advise senior management on emerging technologies and digital trends relevant to organization needs.

  • Assist in determining IT capital investment with regard to business priorities, potential risks, and capacity planning.


  • Develop an IT vision, strategy, and roadmap for effective execution by both the IT team and business partners.

  • Ensure current and planned technical architecture and software solutions are aligned with organization objectives.

  • Prepare and monitor IT operational budgets.

  • Develop and execute an analytics program that allows business leaders to make data-based decisions.

  • Build strong relationships with departmental leaders across the enterprise to understand their issues, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Implement appropriate and effective IT organization to support and engage with the business leaders IT.


  • Direct the design, planning, implementation, and maintenance of computing infrastructure to support organizational operations.

  • Establish metrics for IT effectiveness and impact on the organization.

  • Establish and monitor IT service levels, both internally and with IT contractors.

  • Maintain oversight of IT projects, ensuring commitments are planned, staffed, monitored, and reported.

  • Establish a comprehensive information security program to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data.

  • Design and lead the implementation of an enterprise-wide disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

  • Establish and enforce IT policies, processes, portfolio management, development standards, and methodologies.

  • Monitor industry developments in IT operations and implement new tools and services as appropriate.

  • Review, recommend, and oversee vendors and managed service agreements for computing, telecommunications, IT services, and equipment.

Team Development

  • Hire, develop, evaluate, reward, and retain a highly-qualified team of IT professionals.

  • Foster a culture of innovation, transparency, and accountability in IT.

  • Ensure the organization has strong systems analysis and project management skills, and the ability to execute business-critical projects.

  • Develop and maintain a plan that provides for succession and continuity in critical IT positions.


What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Ten-plus years of experience managing IT solutions and teams.

  • Technical training and business acumen in managing enterprise software applications (experience in Blackbaud Raisers Edge and Financial Edge preferred).

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a person of integrity, and has the desire to maintain biblical standards and agreement with World Challenge Statement of Faith.

  • Has the ability to work collaboratively with diverse business leaders, communicate IT vision and strategy across all levels of the organization, and build consensus around key initiatives and projects.

  • Has exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written, and can communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Has demonstrated experience in driving business growth through innovative use of technology.

  • Has demonstrated experience with SaaS, cloud-based and outsourced solutions through third party providers.

  • Has the ability to design and implement comprehensive approach to cyber security and risk management.

  • Has the ability to design and manage IT governance across an organization.

  • Has a strong background in IT operational management and budget development.


What it's Like to Live in Colorado Springs, Colorado: 

Known as "Olympic City," Colorado Springs is a great place to live and raise a family. The city is framed by stunning mountain vistas, endless blue skies, and tons of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors - from mountain climbing, hiking, snow sports and more. More than 700,000 residents call Colorado Springs home for it's great quality of life, affordable housing market, and abundance of things to do and experience. 

Colorado Springs is regularly considered one of the healthiest cities in Colorado. Residents spend a lot of time outside, which contributes to an overall feeling of well-rounded and healthy and happy lifestyles, with the city consistently ranking for a city with the cleanest air. 

In the areas outside the city, Colorado has tons of great neighborhoods that are unique and colorfully representative of their residents. From modern developments to a bustling city life downtown, to historic Old Colorado City, there is a place for everyone where they'll feel like they fit in. If you're looking to buy a house or have a little more space, Colorado Springs is a really affordable option. Many people live in Colorado Springs but work or commute to Denver - it's just a short drive into the city and the neighborhoods are family friendly and tight knit. 

Despite being a big city, Colorado Springs has a great sense of community - it's easy to get to know and make friends with your neighbors, and it's suburban vibe makes it a great place for young professionals and young families with kids - in fact, according to the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, the median age of residents is about 34. 

On the weekends and off the ski slopes, check out an art festival, farmer's market, free music event, or brewery or coffeeshop - those are in abundance here. Colorado Springs is also a creative city that is a hub for entrepreneurs, great restaurants, and small businesses. 

As the second largest city in the state, Colorado Springs is an excellent place to live - easy access to suburbs balance the feel of the big city, and those who call it home are diverse and community minded. Whether you're visiting or moving here, you'll find a ton of reasons to love Colorado Springs.

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