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Centreville Baptist Church

Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts

Centreville, Virginia

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Theology: Baptist

Weekly attendance: 1200

Neighborhood: Centreville, Virginia

The role: The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts will provide oversight and leadership to all aspects of the worship experience at CBC. This is a pastoral position that requires the individual to serve, not only as a musical director, but also as a shepherd to those who serve in this ministry (musicians, AV, production, etc.), as well as a member of the Senior Leader Team and overall ministry leader team.

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Meet Centreville Baptist Church:

CBC is a multiethnic and multigenerational Southern Baptist Church (SBC) of 1000+, just 25 miles west of Washington, D.C. CBC’s core values of mission over preference, generosity, restoration, teamwork, and many peoples but one Body, frame the way we reach thousands of seniors, professionals, students, and young families for Christ. God has been building the body of Christ at Centreville Baptist Church (CBC) since July 13, 1958, when 21 people first gathered to worship. Almost everything in Centreville has changed in the nearly 60 years since then. Once farmland, Centreville is now a suburban bedroom community of metro Washington, D.C. We passionately believe one thing has not changed: God is still at work through CBC. In fact, we are prayerfully and expectantly seeking a revival from God through CBC that will fundamentally transform thousands of lives for the kingdom of Christ.

CBC has 30 highly trained and experienced staff working alongside hundreds of volunteers to be salt and light in Northern Virginia. Demonstrating CBC’s vision that life is better connected with God, the church family, and the world, our Campus and Home Community Group model has successfully connected 60% of the church so far.

The church is uniquely situated in a robust, growing area of people from all over the globe, affording CBC an opportunity to not just impact Northern Virginia but also the world for Jesus Christ.

Our vision is simple but profound - life is better connected. So, we seek to connect with God, with others (the church), and with the world, while embracing our values of mission over preference, generosity, restoration, teamwork, and many peoples, but one Body.

CBC was blessed to have a Lead Pastor for 16 years; however, in July he retired and we had a new Lead Pastor who is young, energetic, and passionate about reaching the lost in the communities surrounding CBC. Along with the new Lead Pastor, CBC has several staff members with decades of ministry experience.

We are a diverse community of faithful believers that share life together through our Campus and Home Community Groups. CBC is rich with leadership, volunteers, and multi-generational families that desire to be used of God to cultivate, plant, water, and reap a harvest for Christ.

About the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts:

CBC is searching for a pastor to provide vision and leadership to our worship ministries. We are looking for someone who has the musical experience and ability to take our current musical talents and build a transcendent worship experience that reflects our mission, vision, and values. The worship experience will be molded by the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts, but must be Spirit-led to draw out the best of our musical talents to create an overall worship experience that is tailored to CBC and is of the highest quality.  

CBC is in a pivotal time of growth with a new Lead Pastor driving revitalization to aggressively reach the 450,000 unchurched people within ten miles of the church campus. CBC is overflowing with musical talent in all styles. We are rooted in an ethnically diverse community and for a visionary pastor who has a heart to reach all peoples, especially the next generation, and the possibilities are endless!

The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts will provide oversight and leadership to all aspects of the worship experience at CBC. This is a pastoral position that requires the individual to serve not only as a musical director, but also as a shepherd to those who serve in this ministry (musicians, AV, production, etc.), as well as a member of the Senior Leader Team and overall ministry leader team.

Meredith 2The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts will:

  • Grow relationships with the staff, Elders, and congregation

  • Create forward momentum in growing a dynamic, Spirit-filled worship department

  • Develop a worship experience that lifts up Christ and inspires people

  • Establish unity in worship teams: working well together

  • Establish goals and objectives that are being implemented

  • Have a greater understanding and upward pull of a true worship experience

  • Foster a community of faith at CBC that is worshipping God at the highest level

What you bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts:


The ideal candidate for this job will have a bachelor’s degree in music from an accredited college or seminary. A master’s degree is a great bonus, but is not required.


The ideal candidate will have a minimum of five years of worship and creative arts experience, preferably leading worship in a church of 500 to 1,000 members and coordinating multiple services. They will have a proven history with increasingly greater ministry responsibilities, demonstrating growth and leadership.

Personal Characteristics  

  • Possesses a clear testimony of a saving faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.

  • Has a heart for personal worship. The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts must lead others in worship out of the overflow of his own personal worship.

  • Possesses a heart for outreach and creating irresistible environments that can edify believers and attract the unchurched.

  • Is gifted in leading the congregation as a vocalist.

  • Has a deep love and understanding of music.

  • Knows how to build and mentor multiple teams.

  • Is able to shepherd and pastor those who serve in the worship department.

  • Embraces and models the heart and character of a true worshipper.

  • Possesses gifts of leadership and organization.

  • Demonstrates an equipping heart not only in building teams, but also in developing the skill sets of those within the worship ministries, and raising up aspiring worship leaders in all facets of the ministry.

  • Is in agreement with CBC’s Statement of Faith, Mission, Vision, Values, and Position Statements.

  • Is knowledgeable and experienced in directing various sizes of vocal groupings, from praise team size to choir size.

  • Has experience in recruiting, mentoring, and developing a growing and thriving worship ministry team in an effort to ultimately develop additional worship leaders in the ministry.

  • Possesses a technical understanding and vision for how production, lighting, stage/set design, and dramatic arts can support the church’s message and encourage worship.

  • Has experience in driving growth and change in the worship experience of a congregation.

  • Is able to lead worship from a guitar or keyboard.

  • Has an understanding of music theory, and the ability to read/conduct a musical score written for voices and instruments.

centreville 2What it's like to live in Centreville, Virginia:

Centreville is located in Fairfax County and considered part of the Northern Virginia Community and Washington, D.C. metro area. In the nearly 60 years since CBC began, the community of Centreville has evolved into a thriving, diverse, suburban area of Washington, D.C. Fairfax County has a population of well over one million people who represent a large cross-section of people groups and languages. CBC attracts people who not only live in Fairfax County, but also Prince William, Loudoun, Fauquier, and surrounding counties.

Northern Virginia families are extremely active. The cost of living is such that many homes have two working parents and work commutes can be significantly long. The western counties of Northern Virginia have some of the highest performing schools in the nation, with kids involved in lots of activities and striving to gain entry into the best universities. CBC is situated in an ideal location to reach the lost and the nations. Many, if not most, of the people in the CBC outreach area are unchurched. It is an ideal urban mission field with incredible history, culture, and opportunity to reach the world for Christ, literally in one’s own neighborhood.

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