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The Christ Initiative

Director of Collaborative Music

Middleton, Massachusetts

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Weekly Attendance: 1018 combined parish attendance

Denomination: Catholic

Location: Topsfield, MA and Middleton, MA


PhotoByCorinna-3527About the Organization:

The Christ Initiative: One Catholic Community, Two Parishes is a living and loving community of believers seeking deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We depend on His love to guide and nourish us in our quest to become true disciples and invite others to do the same. Gathered around the Word of God and His holy Sacraments, we are called to be witnesses of God by our service to our people, our families, our neighborhoods, and particularly the unchurched as we strive to provide a warm welcoming home for all the People of God.

St Agnes Parish, Middleton, Massachusetts and St. Rose of Lima Parish, Topsfield, Massachusetts are welcoming Roman Catholic communities encompassing Topsfield, Boxford, Middleton and surrounding towns, whose members are united in the life and saving loving of Jesus Christ.  Rooted in the Lord’s Good News and empowered by the Holy Eucharist, we are challenged by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to extend His healing ministry of compassion, peace, and justice, locally and beyond. We are moved by the Holy Spirit to become true disciples enriched, educated, and living out our Faith in a dynamic, engaging manner.  We strive to build a growing and life-giving faith community by establishing and supporting programs for people of all ages, and places on the spiritual journey.  We believe that the words of Christ to “come and follow me” are meant for all.

The Christ Initiative has a VIBRANT culture (Vision, Involvement, Balance, Respect, Accessible, No Goal Left Behind, Team Oriented). The leadership of the church has a vision for The Christ Initiative that permeates every parish and is manifested in the actions, beliefs, values, and goals of the staff. This is how the faith of The Christ Initiative is furthered.

The leadership team and staff are personable, approachable and friendly keeping Team at the forefront of the valuable system. A weekly team meeting and lunch that begins with prayer keeps them transparent and team-oriented. Great ideas and suggestions from colleagues are always part of these meetings. This overflows into how the parishioners feel known, loved, and cared for by their church and through their Sunday Experience. 


About the Position:

The Director of Collaborative Music (DCM) is primarily responsible for planning, overseeing, conducting and guiding to completion excellent music programs in both the St. Rose of Lima and St. Agnes’ parishes. This programming is in support of religious services, parish programs, and in accordance with the Local Pastoral Plan. They will also function as an accompanist and ensure appropriate weekend coverage for Masses at all Parishes in the collaborative.

They will be a passionate and enthusiastic presence in the music ministries of both parishes, uniting the existing teams there to create a collaborative, God-honoring worship experience that is both creative and energetic, focusing on the vision of The Christ Initiative and spurring it forward in accomplishing its goals and living out its vision for the community and parishioners.


image3What We Are Searching For / Qualifications:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Director of Music Ministry:


A bachelor’s degree in music or a related discipline is required for this role.


Five years or more of prior experience or leadership experience in music ministry is expected for this role. In addition, a comprehensive knowledge and familiarity with the Catholic Church teachings, particularly in the areas of liturgies and ceremonies, and a willingness to support the teachings of the Church would be ideal for this role, but not necessarily required.

Personal Characteristics

  • A strong faith, and commitment to personal growth and development, and support for the Catholic Church and local parish.
  • A willingness and ability to support Disciples in Mission and the Local Pastoral Plan.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel.
  • Proficiency in Pro-Presenter or Easy Worship, and a willing and open spirit towards learning new softwares or learning Pro-Presenter if they have no prior experience.
  • Knowledgeable about a variety of musical styles, and the ability to teach these varying styles to music groups and ministries.
  • Effective interpersonal communicator and highly skilled in speaking, teaching, and writing.
  • Committed to participating in Alpha within the first year of employment.
  • Excellently proficient in at least one accompanying instrument is vital for this role.

About the Location:

Middleton, MA

There’s no better place to sample a heavenly slice of Massachusetts than on the secluded beaches and in the cozy waterfront eateries, eclectic art galleries and awe-inspiring state parks of Northeastern Massachusetts.

St. Agnes and St. Rose are located in the quiet, charming neighborhood just north outside of Boston.  Making up this neighborhood are the towns of Middleton, Topsfield and Boxford.  Just 20 miles from downtown Boston, residents can enjoy all the amenities a vibrant city has to offer while living in a quiet, family-oriented small-town area. 

The Christ Initiative is close to a deep amount of history with the Appleton Farms, the oldest working Farm in the Country and historical places all around. The church is also just 40 minutes from Kittery, Maine, and the beauty of the Maine coast. 

Incorporated in 1650, Topsfield has a population of 6,714 people and covers 13 square miles.  Middleton, with a population of 8,987 is situated 15 minutes away. Although both are smaller neighborhoods in comparison to the city of Boston, they are both are flourishing communities offering residents a high quality of life. Each offers distinctive history, attractive residential neighborhoods of quaint houses the Massachusetts area is known for. Central location to Boston and access to the North Shore make it an appealing respite - it’s not too far, but it’s just far enough that the geographic landscape forms a distinctly northern, mountainous, yet coastal backdrop. Middleton and Topsfield also both have a growing business mix, a network of green space, excellent school systems that are accessible to Ivy League educational opportunities, and community supported agriculture by way of farming land and some of the most amazing Farmer’s Markets in the country. If one is looking for a place where they can enjoy the modern city luxuries in the setting of rich tradition and history, a neighborhood like Middleton or Topsfield is just the place.

Cape Ann 

The prettiest stretch of coastline in all of Massachusetts, Cape Ann offers big-city culture mixed with small-town charm and exciting recreational activities. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, you’ll find it here.

Who wouldn’t want to come here? Cape Ann is one of the last great unspoiled places. Founded by Pilgrims in 1623, named for England’s Queen Anne, the cape sprouted villages along its coast, leaving its whole center a wild wood. Every curve of its rugged coastline shows off a new scenic beauty: harbors, lighthouses, islands, miles of sandy beaches, quarries, inlets and coves, all so picturesque that moviemakers film here constantly.

Yet we’re only 30 miles from Boston’s Logan Airport. You’ll spend a lot less staying here. Oh, and it will be more laid back and lots friendlier too. 

Cape Ann’s four communities: Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport are home to fishermen and artists, merchants and writers, real people who live here year-round. These people stop for you to make a left turn. They’re happy in T-shirts and jeans.

And they have not lost touch with their roots. The Italians of Gloucester still celebrate Saint Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, with a huge fiesta, the same as hundreds of years ago. You can attend clamfests, dory races, lobster suppers, art exhibits, concerts, live theater and lots more. Sun yourself, surf, kayak, go fishing, whalewatch and bike while you’re here too.

So, no matter which town you pick (or better yet, visit them all!) come to Cape Ann for a gentler, sweeter vacation. Just give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the riches of Massachusetts’ coastal crown jewel.

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