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Church of the Nativity

Pastoral Resident

Timonium, Maryland


Theology: Catholic

Weekly Attendance: 4,000

Neighborhood: Timonium, MD

The role: The Pastoral Resident will primarily assist the Pastor in navigating his role of leading and feeding his congregation and his staff, to guard his time so that he can maximize his role, and to provide personal assistance to him as required.

nativitycafebuildingMeet Church of the Nativity:

Church of the Nativity is a movement of growing disciples of Jesus Christ, committed to loving God, loving others, and making disciples. While Orthodox in its Roman Catholic faith, the church seeks to serve its surrounding community by bringing the unchurched to Christ.

The church is affiliated with The Archdiocese of Baltimore, and marked by relevance, growth, and strength in each area from its leadership to ministry programming.

Today, with 4,000 in average weekly attendance, Nativity offers its worshipers an extremely unique worship experience that has reaped its benefits from a decade-long process of thoughtful reform by the church’s leadership to modernize its practices and engage the community in a way that would attract new members. Its ultimate desire is to honor the Catholic faith tradition by authentically and creatively presenting it to the community of North Baltimore, particularly to those who have become disconnected to the Church.

About the Pastoral Resident:

The Pastoral Resident will have a two part role of live campus director and pastoral apprentice. This role will equally incorporate both worlds of administrative and behind the scenes support for the Lead Pastor, as well as pastoral work, including sermon research, organizing for funerals and similar events, and writing blogs. Someone who consistently operates with a servant hearted attitude and possibly a calling to further pastoral vocation would be ideal for this role.  

The Pastoral Resident will accomplish the following goals:

  • Develop trust and chemistry with the pastor to anticipate the pastor’s needs.
  • Develop a way to be the right hand to the pastor.Understand the workings and ins and outs of Church of the Nativity as a Catholic Parish.
  • Understand his role as part of the overall team at Church of the Nativity.  
  • Proactively seek ways to assist the Pastor and anticipate the needs of the Pastor and those of the church.  
  • Fully assimilate himself into the life and culture of Church of the Nativity.  
The Pastoral Resident will also: 
  • Assist with the pastor’s day-to-day operations and help him navigate his day.
  • Maintain the pastor’s calendar and daily schedule, and have a complete understanding of his obligations for each day.
  • Assist the pastor in personal errands as needed.
  • Conserve the pastor’s time by handling all communications, (written or otherwise, incoming and outgoing) as directed by the pastor.
  • Manage all the pastor’s social media accounts and blog. including but not limited to, organizing, archiving and posting as directed.
  • Commission work on the pastor’s behalf, as directed.
  • Represent the pastor when needed with staff and parishioners.
  • Handle any administrative or personal tasks assigned by the pastor.
  • Welcome guests and church members by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering and directing inquiries.
  • Maintain confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential.
  • Prepare reports by collecting and analyzing information.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by reviewing publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in Archdiocesan meetings as needed.
  • Research materials as needed for publications, messages, and programming.
  • Coordinate liturgical planning and arrangements when needed.
  • Other duties as assigned by the pastor.
download-1-1What you bring:

A bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required. Any background in theology is helpful. Previous work experience will be considered.

The ideal candidate will have a servant’s heart and an appreciation and understanding of Catholicism and liturgy. They will have a chemistry that fits with Church of the Nativity and with the pastor, and will have excellent organizational skills.

Personal Characteristics
  • Someone with a chemistry that fits with the culture of Church of the Nativity and works well with the pastor interpersonally, in addition to a high ability to do this job well.  
  • Someone with a servant’s heart who will view this position as a vital ministry to Church of the Nativity and its members.  
  • Someone who is committed to Church of the Nativity and appreciates and understands the Catholic faith and Catholic liturgy.
  • Someone who is adaptable - they can go with the flow and constant change doesn’t phase them.
  • Someone who is team oriented - they work well with people and like to be collaborative.
  • Someone who is flexible - they will happily do any job, even if it’s outside of their schedule or job description. Agility and a good attitude are vital to this position.
  • Someone with a sense of humor.
  • Someone who can work at a fast pace and at a high level of productivity.
  • Someone who is capable of working alone and independently, and is highly resourceful. They are unafraid to find out answers to questions on their own or from other people, and are good at solving problems and quickly finding solutions to challenges.
  • Someone who is able to maintain complete confidentiality.
  • Someone who is able to build professional relationships.
  • Someone who communicates effectively.
  • Someone who develops a strategic focus.
  • Someone who delivers results.
  • Someone who can adapt to our standards: Simple, Adaptable, Excellent, Committed, Growth Oriented
  • Someone who is growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
What it's like to live in Timonium, Maryland:

Timonium is a census-designated territory of Baltimore County, MD. As of the 2010 census, it contained a population of approximately 10,000 residents. The town's boundaries include Cockeysville to the north, Lutherville to the south, the Loch Raven Reservoir and Route 25, to the east and west respectively.  The town offers quality schooling and a growing industrial sector located at the Timonium Business Park.

A highlight of this region is the annual Maryland State Fair that draws many families to the locale.Baltimore landed in #66 for ‘Best Places for Business & Careers’, and #27 for its quality offered in education, in Forbes. From historic places and harbor cruises, cultural opportunities to family friendly attractions, outdoor activities, professional sports, and fabulous neighborhoods, the City of Baltimore offers the ideal environment to those who desire to call it home.

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