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Generation Church

Executive Pastor

Mesa, Arizona


Weekly Attendance: 1950 

Denomination: Nondenominational / Assembly of God 

Location: Mesa, AZ


About the Organization:

Generation Church has been making a difference in the East Valley of Phoenix for nearly 60 years. Pastor Randy Visconti  became the senior pastor in 1999, and the church began to grow. By 2010, Pastor Randy was sensing the need for new leadership to take the church to the next level. Ryan Visconti, Randy’s son, was an Army Cavalry captain in Iraq in 2010 and sensing a potential career change coming when he felt an unexpected (and initially unwelcomed) call into ministry. The church was running about 275 in weekly attendance. Ryan came on staff and together, Pastors Randy and Ryan began to make some small, but significant changes that ended up having major impacts.

By 2014, they were gaining momentum, but decided the church needed an entire reboot--and so the new name (Generation Church) and a new vision emerged. Later that year, they started a third service, and soon after Pastor Ryan became the sole senior pastor. Pastor Randy continues to serve on the staff leading “The Chapel” service at the Mesa location.

By the end of 2015, the growth of the church required the addition of two more services--bring the total to three main services, and two traditional services in the chapel. By 2016, more than 1000 people were attending weekly, with another twenty percent added the following year.

In June 2017, Generation Church officially became a multi-site church. New Life Church in Ahwatukee had around 300 gathering each weekend. Ryan’s father-in-law, Paul Lavino, had started the church 27 years earlier. They realized the two congregations were aligned in vision and could be stronger together. Now one church in two locations, both sites continue to grow. As of early 2018, the average weekend attendance is close to 2,000.

Generation Church has been listed in the Outreach “100 Fastest Growing Churches” two years in a row and soon to be three! They’re positioned for growth and the momentum level is extremely high.  Generation Church runs on a simple church model: Great worship & preaching, excellent kid's ministry, exciting loving environment, small groups. They’re well known in their community for great bible teaching and top-tier kids ministry. They excel at making it easy for people to get plugged in and involved, while feeling loved and accepted.

Staying focused on the essentials, and being mindful of the community's unfamiliarity with Jesus, Generation Church truly is reaching the lost (more than 600 have been baptized in the past 4 years!) Almost every week, an invitation is given so people can make a decision for Christ. And every week, people do say “yes” to Jesus! The church is full of new believers from each generation who find a place where they can feel loved and accepted, no matter their background. When people come to Generation Church, they become genuinely excited about what God has done for them, and they, in turn, invite family and friends.



SY-1986.jpgAbout the Position:

The Executive Pastor at Generation Church will run the church on behalf of the Senior Pastor. They will be the most senior direct report to the senior pastor, and will support him by providing high level strategic leadership. The Executive Pastor will have likely experience in both ministry and business settings—and has a track record of growing a church or organization. The qualified candidate will provide the staff leadership, strategic direction, and infrastructure necessary to continue the fast growth of Generation Church.


What We Are Searching For / Qualifications:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Executive Pastor:


Generation Church is looking for candidates who know how to get this job done, whether that education came formally or through on-the-job training. The individual who never stops learning will especially be attractive.


  • Has a track record of growing an organization, company or church.
  • Ideally has been involved in leading a church of 3,000 or more.
  • Preferred high-level experience in the business community as well as in ministry.
  • A bias for action.
  • Ability to effectively coach and develop leaders.
  • Has learned from the best practices of other churches and organizations, and can modify them to work at Generation Church.
  • Lead and define organizational processes.
  • A strong desire to implement programs and build healthy systems that will foster the vision and continued growth of Generation Church.


  • Manage people and organizations
  • Proven ability to scale a church or business by 100% or more.
  • Visionary leadership and implementation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Planning and organizing
  • Totally capable and willing to dive into the details and wear multiple hats, but gets the greatest joy out of raising up others
  • Motivational
  • Understands change management and has executed it successfully

Personal Characteristics

  • A confident leader who also carries a dose of humility and authenticity.
  • Enjoys working in a culture of honor.
  • Entrepreneurial and progress-oriented.
  • Highly disciplined work ethic and personal lifestyle in physical, financial, and spiritual matters.
  • Self-starter and result-oriented contributor.
  • Exemplifies a strong commitment to family values.
  • Understands the cycles of ministry -- work hard in busy seasons, take time to rest in between.
  • A genuine love for Christ and a regular prayer/devotional life.
  • A commitment to continual growth in personal, spiritual, and emotional maturity.
  • An attitude of love and grace toward people.
  • A life and heart congruent with the mission, vision and values of Generation Church.
  • Strong relational and team building skills, particularly as it pertains to the Senior Leadership Team and high-level volunteer leaders.
  • A commitment to using wisdom and discernment before making decisions.

Baptism 1.jpegAbout the Location:

Generation Church is located in what is known locally as the East Valley. With a current population of 1.2 million, by 2020 the East Valley will be home to more than 1.4 million residents. And it’s no wonder--from thriving cultural opportunities to amazing recreation areas with an ideal climate, the East Valley has developed into the place where individuals want to work, live and play.

The region is diverse, allowing people to choose the way they wish to live. From pedestrian-friendly downtowns with urban vibes, to small town communities bustling with personality, to the Superstition Mountains where there are wide-open spaces--the East Valley has it all.

The weather is ideal, the location is convenient, the recreation is versatile, the golf is simply unbeatable, the lifestyle is highly desired by many and the real estate is next to none. Although Phoenix is technically located in the desert, the Sonoran desert is the “greenest of deserts.” Although the temperature gets high in the summer, the low humidity makes the heat tolerable--and the evenings cool down nicely. It’s no wonder why Phoenix is one of the top vacation destinations in America. Clear skies, practically endless sunshine, and a relatively low cost-of-living explain why so many people are making Phoenix their home. 

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