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Mariners Church Huntington Beach

Lead Pastor

Huntington Beach, California

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Weekly Attendance: 1200

Theology: Nondenominational 

Neighborhood: Huntington Beach, CA

The role: The next Lead Pastor will provide primary spiritual, visionary, and strategic leadership to Mariners Church Huntington Beach.


Meet Mariners Church Huntington Beach: 

Mariners HB is a son church of Mariners Church based in Irvine, CA, a 50+ year old non-denominational church with a history of planting churches in and around Orange County.

In 2010, Mariners launched Rooted, a transformational discipleship experience discovered in Nairobi, Kenya and it was wildly successful.  Rooted triggered a resurgence of new people coming to church, accepting Christ, getting baptized, serving and staying together as life groups.  Mariners changed its ministry strategy from a menu-driven model to a simple path, and developed the Transformational Loop to align efforts as a church around the weekend experience, community life and outreach with Rooted as the first step.

About the same time, Mariners started planting churches with the same DNA:  shared mission, vision, values and strategy. Because typical church plants have an extremely high failure rate, the hope was that by developing a family of churches using the same strategy with Rooted as the catalyst, a shared learnings model would allow these new churches with unique personalities to thrive in their communities.  Initially video venues, Mariners later adopted a model with Lead Pastors, live teaching, shared governance and scalable operational infrastructure. The vision to incubate and develop healthy, high performing pastors and churches capable of becoming fully independent and self-sustaining was being realized.

Mariners Huntington Beach is one of four churches planted during this time. In 2009, Mariners HB was launched as a video venue with a Campus Pastor.

In spite of 63 churches in the area, 54% of the population is unchurched; which means over 100,000 people in our community need to meet Jesus.  We see God moving in amazing ways and Mariners HB is primed for a new leader with a passion to reach the community of Huntington Beach and beyond, to inspire people to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world.

Mariners Church is a community of ordinary people from all walks of life courageously trusting Him to do the extraordinary. Simply put, they trust Him to do what they can’t — heal, transform, renew, forgive, provide, and sustain. And through each redemption story of each believer at Mariners, God is glorified, lives are changed, and communities are impacted in a significant way.

750_6752About the Lead Pastor: 

The next Lead Pastor will provide primary spiritual, visionary, and strategic leadership to Mariners Church Huntington Beach. The successful candidate will value the heritage and legacy of the entire family of Mariners churches, and commit to being the chief champion of inspiration, calling people to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world. They will lead a world-class staff that will establish systems and programs to maintain health through a balance of discipleship, evangelism, and outreach.

This individual will first and foremost be an excellent communicator able to teach God’s Word, with an ability to also dream and cast a vision for the next season of congregational life and community impact.  The ideal candidate will demonstrate a deep prayer life and a proven commitment to balancing the rhythms of work and life. They will be a proven “leader of leaders” who can motivate and inspire high-capacity men and women to use their gifts to further the vision.

The Lead Pastor will: 

  • Exemplify a life of walking closely with Jesus.
  • Serve as primary Teaching Pastor.
  • Preach contextualized sermons through the blending of stories, scripture, and culturally relevant examples.
  • Deliver teaching that is largely grace-filled and biblically-based.
  • Offer life application-driven expository sermons in a conversational tone.
  • Propel a passion for life change through messages of hope.
  • Invest in fellow pastoral and ministry staff for their spiritual growth and development.
  • Communicate biblical truth in a way which inspires people to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world.

What you bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Lead Pastor:


It is likely that the successful candidate will have a graduate college degree in order to be most effective with the highly-educated members of the community.

Experience & Skills

  • Possesses an entrepreneurial ability, always thinking about and creating ways for greater impact and reaching more people.
  • A remarkable aptitude for teaching and preaching in an effective manner to reach multiple generations.
  • Exceedingly gifted with strong, relational, confident, and dynamic communicating abilities.
  • Comfortable engaging in theological discourse if/when needed.
  • Creative, balanced, and resourceful in use of time and talent.
  • Leadership proficiency in both large and small group surroundings.
  • Substantial experience with diverse people groups and communities.
  • Ability to work in an interconnected, collaborative team environment.
  • Capability to rally and mobilize individuals towards a cause.
  • Experience in complex, multi-site church settings.
  • Life experience in a setting of professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who have made it in life but are seeking significance.

Personal Characteristics

  • Fully devoted follower of Christ who leads others into full, personal devotion by their example.
  • Champion of the vision of Mariners.
  • A willingness to maximize personal capacity for growth.
  • A supportive spouse who has a vested interest in both the marriage and the ministry, through which the relationship demonstrates a healthy marriage partnership.
  • Display a high level of emotional and relational intelligence.
  • A ‘player-coach’ who can call potential out of younger team members.
  • A measure of life experience that conveys a personal spiritual “gravitas” to those around them.

750_2245What it's like to live in Huntington Beach, California: 

Huntington Beach, a seaside city in Orange County in Southern California in the Los Angeles - Long Beach - Anaheim area, is an area known for both it's picturesque ocean views and city amenities. It is one of the most populous areas in the greater LA area. 

The downtown district includes an active art center, Central Park, a large community park in the heart of the city, a colorful shopping district, and the International Surfing Museum. The iconic Huntington Beach Pier stretches from Main Street into the Pacific Ocean. Huntington Beach is also home to many colleges, institutions of higher learning, and excellent public and private schools. 

Huntington Beach is right outside Los Angeles, the second most populous city in the United States. Los Angeles is often billed as the "Creative Capital of the World", because one in every six of its residents works in a creative industry and there are more artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, and musicians living and working in Los Angeles than any other city at any time in history. The city's Hollywood neighborhood has become recognized as the center of the motion picture industry and the Los Angeles area is also the center of the television industry

Both Los Angeles and Huntington Beach are thriving cities with a lot of culture and a lot going on. All in all, Huntington Beach is an ideal place for any couple or family to live.

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