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South Bend City Church

Executive Pastor

South Bend, Indiana



Weekly Attendance: 600

Theology: Non-Denominational

Neighborhood: South Bend, IN

The role: The Executive Pastor's goal will be to stay ahead of ideas and anticipate needs - they’ll be quick thinking, creative, and flexible as they manage church traffic, volunteers, and other staff members and work to continuously remove roadblocks to ministry and stabilize the overall operations of the church.


SBCC_Easter_17About the Organization: 

South Bend City Church began in 2016 when the Lead pastor, Jason Miller, started sharing his vision: a new church in the heart of South Bend. This church would be a Jesus-centered community for believers and doubters, where they can ask difficult questions and wrestle with the tensions of ancient faith in a modern world, be a community that values simplicity and spiritual practices in their life together, and be a church that’s deeply connected to the city they love.

South Bend City Church is an independent, non­-denominational church rooted in the church of Acts, which is nothing more, and nothing less, than the expansion of Jesus’ work in the world. . They trust the Bible as it points us to Jesus, and they trust the Apostles’ Creed as a guiding interpretation of what it teaches. Growing from an original core group of 130 people, to 250 people when they began meeting on Sundays, to a current core group that has grown into a church of more than 600 weekly attendees - they know without a doubt that God is just getting started. 

SBCCSTUD97About the Executive Pastor role:

The Executive Pastor's goal will be to stay ahead of ideas and anticipate needs - they’ll be quick thinking, creative, and flexible as they manage church traffic, volunteers, and other staff members. They will work to continuously remove roadblocks to ministry and stabilize the overall operations of the church.

They’ll also be a sounding board for processing ideas, a strategic thinker, a problem solver, and bring creative energy to the challenges of their job, in their solutions and management. They will be someone who can help people get out of their week to week grind and inspire, encourage, and motivate them to serve more and in better ways.

South Bend City Church has a wonderfully entrepreneurial atmosphere, but the Executive Pastor will be the one to help mature and grow that atmosphere, keeping the identity of the church in focus while helping it continuously expand to maximize the work South Bend City Church is doing for the kingdom and their community.

The Executive Pastor will: 

  • Train, equip, and resource themselves and volunteers to work with a large homeless community with compassion, kindness, and effectiveness.
  • Strategically and thoughtfully work through facilities and space issues, and in each ministry department, analyze and work towards improving challenges they might be facing as the church grows.
  • Spend significant time in the day to day operational work: interacting with the landlord of the building, listening and note-taking at meetings to capture the conversations and details of the leadership as the church grows, and building relationships with key people in the church to best understand how the church works, where it’s going, and what is needed.
  • Dream, plan, and work towards a goal of possibly planting new, similar communities in other cities.

What you bring: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in an applicable field is expected.
  • The ideal candidate might be from a business, administrative, communications, or financial background.
  • Ministry experience isn’t required, but is a great bonus for someone to understand the church plant world and for them to be able to jump in without significant training.
  • Because South Bend City Church serves a city with a diverse population, multicultural life background or work experience is especially important.

Personal Characteristics

  • Resourcefulness: we’re a young church with a lot of work to do, and often that means coming up with solutions from scratch.
  • Adaptability: success with our team means being responsive to changing situations and new opportunities.
  • Technological aptitude: you don’t need to be an IT whiz or gear geek, but we pretty much live in Slack, Google docs, and Planning Center, and we work remotely without an office. If you feel comfortable getting the job done on your smart phone and computer, you’ll fit right in.
  • Someone with a strong faith and love for Jesus, and a heart for people.
  • Someone who will always act in a thoughtful and intellectual way, and not lead with emotion.
  • Someone who understands the church isn’t going to reach some people, but will work cooperatively and collaboratively with the vision and reach of the church.
  • Someone with a chemistry and theology that fits with that of South Bend City Church.
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What it's like to live in South Bend:  

South Bend City Church, inspired and encouraged by the revitalization and renewal of the rich history of the city of South Bend, found it fitting to put roots down in a permanent space on part of an old Studebaker factory floor. In the early 1900s, the success of Studebaker Company became the economic engine of the city, employing tens of thousands of people. While many of the Studebaker buildings have been torn down since then, one major complex remains, which is now the center of the Renaissance District. It’s being redeveloped with a new vision for a high-tech, mixed-use hub, and it’s part of a larger resurgence of innovation, economics, and culture happening in South Bend.

In 2010, Newsweek Magazine called South Bend one of the 10 Most Dying Cities in America, but today South Bend is being recognized as an emerging model of rust-belt city revitalization with tons to offer by way of education, entertainment, and culture.

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