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Vail Christian Church

Pastor of Worship

Tucson, Arizona

Vail Christian Church was launched eleven years ago as a church plant from Pantano Christian Church in Tucson. Starting with a group of about 35 people, the church has become a dynamic church and the largest in the Vail area, averaging about 767 attendees on Sundays. Led by Lead Pastor Ben Pitney, the church is full of young families, with children comprising about one-third of the attendance on Sundays.  

The vision of Vail Christian Church is to make room in life to connect people with God and others. This vision is lived out by putting a strong emphasis on community groups. With community groups starting at the middle school age range, Vail Christian Church strongly believes in building a household of faith. At the core of Vail Christian Church is the Scripture, which guides the church government and all teaching that occurs. Vail Christian Church seeks to worship, gather, give and serve. They believe that the church is a family of families that fulfill Jesus’ strategy for drawing people into knowing Him.  

The position of Pastor of Worship will be a life long learner, with a heart for worship, and a solid background in worship leadership. He will be self-motivated, with a desire to seek constant improvement and excellence in all areas of responsibility. Their work ethic will speak to their preparation, musicianship, and highly effective execution of Sunday morning programming. The candidate will possess a good knowledge in music, and worship, with familiarity in tech ministry areas.

The following describes many of the qualifications and competencies necessary of the ideal candidate for the Pastor of Worship:

  • Four-year college degree.
  • 2-5 years in worship leadership.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated skill set in vocal and instrumental talent.
  • Strong ability to lead volunteers and core leaders of the ministry.
  • Authentic and relational presence on stage that connects.
  • Varied taste of music and styles.
  • Aptitude in developing multiple arrangements and music charts.
  • Experience in supervision of bands, delegation, and management of diverse volunteer groups.
  • Proven knowledge and expertise in managing all audio/visuals related to the worship experience.
  • Solid understanding of the church culture and DNA and ability to articulate it through worship.
  • Outstanding work ethic that speaks to a high capacity leader of the church.
  • Self-driven, self-motivated, and result-oriented contributor.

Vail is an unincorporated community southeast of Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona and has 350 days of sunshine during the year, leaving plenty of time for golf, tennis, biking, hiking, horseback riding, or sightseeing. Known for it’s clean, dry air, the metropolitan area of Tucson has a total population of one million. Residents call it, “A big city with a small city feel.” With great golf and tennis resorts, guest ranches, restaurants, and large annual events such as the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, tourism brings in $2 billion and 3.5 million visitors annually. The Tucson area boasts the southern-most ski resort in the continental U.S. For many reasons - weather, educational institutions, clean and dry air, affordable housing, employment, retirement, and just the beautiful southwest - Tucson, the 33rd largest city in the United States, is a great place to live!

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