Athena Christian Church Hires Senior Pastor

athena christian church

What does Ring the Bell mean? At Vanderbloemen, we want to celebrate as a team every time we have the honor of helping a church, school, or organization find their perfect candidate to fill a gap in their team and further their ministry. To do that, we have a bell on the wall in our Vanderbloemen office, within hearing distance of the entire team. Every time a candidate is placed, the team members who worked on that search ring the bell so that our team can celebrate!

Ring the bell! Athena Christian Church has found its Senior Pastor.

Athena Christian Church carries out its purpose by connecting people to Jesus and each other. Athena strives to initiate heartfelt outreach to their community in Athena, Oregon. While meeting with the church, we saw the need for a Senior Pastor that would bring service, discipleship, and leadership to the community. This role would play an important part in the church’s inward growth and outward impact as the Senior Pastor would communicate the primary visions for the church.

Ethan Wallis was a clear fit for this position. His vast experience and knowledge in leadership, faith, and service will contribute to his new position as Senior Pastor. Ethan has actively been a part of ministry for eight years and has led by directing, coordinating, and developing programs for churches. We are confident that Ethan’s ministry experience will bring growth and life to the vision of Athena Christian Church.

“Athena Christian Church is ecstatic that Ethan and his family are moving from the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks to the Pacific Northwest. Ethan will be such a gift to ACC and to Athena and the surrounding communities. Being such a small, rural community, there was lots of initial anxiety, but they found their man early. What a delight to partner with the wonderful folks in Athena!” - Rick Callahan, Executive Search Consultant

Ethan, his wife, and their three children are excited to move from Missouri to Athena, Oregon, and to discover all that their new town has to offer. The Wallis family feels called to minister in disciple-making ways, and is excited to be a part of a church that sees itself as a vital participant in bettering its community. Athena Christian Church will be a great fit for their passions and goals. We are grateful to have found the match between Athena Christian Church and Ethan Wallis and are excited to see how Ethan thrives at his new church home.

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