Vanderbloemen Partners with Blake Stanley

Strategic Partner Blake Stanley

Vanderbloemen is excited to introduce Blake Stanley as a Strategic Partner. Blake is a coach with our Strategic Partner, Courage To Lead. He has served on three Executive Teams in churches ranging from 2,500 to 10,000. Currently, he is serving as the Executive Pastor at 3Circle Church in Fairhope, Alabama. 3Circle is the second fastest growing church in the state of Alabama and has been listed in the top 100 of the fastest-growing churches in America.

Efficiency is one of Blake’s trademarks, coupled with strategic thinking. Additionally, he gets the importance of the operational components and how these play a pivotal role in getting any organization to its desired outcome. 

Our clients will be introduced to Blake to consult on ways to build and implement systems that work, to help churches and organizations grow and thrive. 

Alongside Courage to Lead, Blake consults on a variety of topics, although his specialty lies with processes and organization. Courage to Lead and Blake can help clients walk through topics such as living more intentionally, how to identify and develop new leaders, how to build a life-giving culture, how to balance calling and work and stay sane, centered and happily married while working in ministry, and organizing for growth. 

With a new year right around the corner, there's no better time than the present for leaders and pastors to be thinking about their systems. Will the systems you have in place take you to where you want the organization to go in 2020? Having the right ones in place is a game-changer.

What do you want to see God do in the church? What do you want to see God do inside of 2020? Blake can guide you through these questions, helping you build a plan for 2020 that will transform your church strategy and enable you to do better ministry than ever before. 

To get started or find out more information about Vanderbloemen and Blake’s services click here or contact:  or (713) 300-9665. or contact:  or (713) 300-9665. or contact:  or (713) 300-9665. or contact:  or (713) 300-9665.