Calvary Baptist Church Hires Discipleship Pastor

calvary discipleship pastor

What does Ring the Bell mean? At Vanderbloemen, we want to celebrate as a team every time we have the honor of helping a church, school, or organization find their perfect candidate to fill a gap in their team and further their ministry. To do that, we have a bell on the wall in our Vanderbloemen office, within hearing distance of the entire team. Every time a candidate is placed, the team members who worked on that search ring the bell so that our team can celebrate!

Ring the bell! Calvary Baptist Church found their new Discipleship Pastor.

Calvary Baptist Church has a driving purpose to lead every person to become a fully-devoted follower of Christ. Calvary believes that the church is not a building, but the people in it. Through this vision, this church provides many opportunities for members and guests to participate in worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. The community at Calvary Baptist Church is centered in Biblical teaching, meaningful worship, and love. 

While getting to know Calvary Baptist, we discovered their need for a Discipleship Pastor that would lead and motivate the church to grow in Christ and make disciples. We found Jordy McKaskle to be a clear fit for this position. 

Jordy has heavy discipleship and pastoral experience that he is excited to bring to Calvary Baptist Church. He has helped start multiple ministries and has learned through his time working with churches how to lead groups effectively, share the Gospel, and purposefully recruit and equip Kingdom-focused leaders. 

"I love working with Pastor Todd Strain and Calvary, especially helping them fill this Discipleship role. We were able to present Jordy early because Calvary was familiar with him and his extensive discipleship experience.  Plus he's a great culture fit with the staff and church family." - Brian Dunks, Executive Search Consultant

Jordy, his wife, and their two kids are thrilled to be joining the community at Calvary Baptist Church. The McKaskle family will help further the church’s mission by plugging into ministry, strengthening the community, and spreading the truth to those in Alexandria, Louisiana. 

When churches need help to find the right person to further their mission, that’s where we step in to find the perfect match. If you need help filing a role that will further your mission, get started by contacting us today.