Calvary Church of Naperville Hires Senior Pastor


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NAPERVILLE, Illinois– Calvary Church of Naperville has expanded its leadership team with a key hire, with Marty Sloan stepping in to serve as their new Senior Pastor. Marty joins Calvary Church of Naperville after previously serving as the Lead Pastor of Harvest Time, a thriving church congregation with a weekly attendance of over 2,500 people in Fort Smith, AR. 

Calvary Church of Naperville, located in Chicagoland, serves more than 7,000 members each week and has been a pillar of faith in the midwest and the Assemblies of God denomination since 1967. 

Vanderbloemen, serving clients with a greater purpose, including churches, schools, nonprofits, family offices, and values-based businesses, loves the whole church and is honored to have partnered with Calvary Church of Naperville on this vital and important hire. 

“We are honored that Calvary Church, a place that has had such a deep impact on the Kingdom, would ask us to help guide them to the pastor God is raising up,” William Vanderbloemen, Vanderbloemen founder and CEO, said. “We’re thrilled for the new chapter of ministry God is writing for Calvary Naperville.”

Marty -  a husband, father, and pastor who is passionate about communicating the Word of God to enable people of all ages and cultures to experience life in Christ - has been an ordained minister since 2000. He has served in ministry for 25 years, including in various staff roles and most recently transitioning a church from a 38-year predecessor. 

Marty has spent his entire life around the local church and ministering the Gospel in various forms and places. He has served on various community and charitable organization boards.

“The research process was relational, thorough and spiritual. I believe Vanderbloemen understands that ministry assignments are first and foremost of a spiritual nature. Having gone through the process I can tell you that they offer services that are good for any staffing position and a must for and executive type positions," said Marty Sloan.

“Pastor Marty Sloan has risen up in our search process as the pastor that is uniquely qualified and anointed by God to serve us as our next Pastor. The board fell in love with him, with his preaching, and when it came time to vote, we unanimously agreed that Pastor Sloan was the man God was raising up,” David Beattie said. “Thanks be to God for raising Pastor Marty up so that the tremendous legacy of Calvary can be extended into a new chapter in the days to come. I know I speak for the board when I say that I’m thrilled at the outcome of our search, and am looking to the future with great anticipation.”

Calvary Church of Naperville is a fellowship of the Assemblies of God that welcomes people from all backgrounds and is associated with the world's largest Pentecostal denomination: a 32 million-member Assemblies of God cooperative fellowship. The ministry of Calvary Church of Naperville has operated under the proficient leadership of Senior Pastor Randal Ross, who increased the church’s growth potential from just over 2,000 to over 7,500 in regular attendance.

"Vanderbloemen was instrumental in locating and vetting qualified candidates for our pastoral search. In addition, they helped guide us through the search process with all necessary resources and regular communication," David Beattie said.

As Marty Sloan takes the reigns for a new season of leadership, Calvary Church of Naperville is poised for catalytic growth and impact through its exceedingly robust ministries and outreach programs that continue to influence all local, regional, and global spheres of the Kingdom.


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