Crossroads Community Church Hires Middle School Pastor

Crossroads Community Kokomo, Indiana has hired Alexander Ghelli as their new Middle School Pastor.

Alexander joins the staff at Crossroads community from Arizona Community Church Temple, Arizona, where he had been the Middle School Director since 2017. 

Crossroads Community Church noted that Vanderbloemen brings the most value in its range of national reach. Administrative Pastor, Kevin Smith mentioned, “The guy we got was from Arizona. We would have never known of each other if we didn’t use you guys.”  One of the 12 Vanderbloemen Differences is that “ We’ll bring you, candidates, you won’t find on your own.”

We have built, and thus own, the largest Christian candidate database. 

We’ve invested significant resources into building a scalable database that houses and updates our database of 70K+ candidates. Since our consultants don’t work on commission, our database is shared among our team to ensure that every client has access to the best candidates for the role.

Other search firms work off of messy spreadsheets that are outdated and unscalable. Other search firms also have consultants working off of placement commission, meaning they are incentivized to keep the best candidates to themselves rather than share them so that every organization can find the best fit. Our database consists of tens of thousands of candidates and, through the use of technology, we have developed a sophisticated system for engaging each.

Everyone on our team faithfully spends time working to expand our candidate sourcing and reach for the Kingdom because we believe the “big C” Church deserves the very best. This means that the candidates we "have" and find are quite often the ones that aren't on a job board, or in an active search mode. That's because we have spent over a decade fostering relationships, building the trust that’s needed to have sacred conversations about someone’s next step.

Vanderbloemen helps churches, schools, nonprofits, family offices, and values-based businesses find their key staff. If you would like to learn more about partnering with Vanderbloemen on your next search,contact our team.