Hope Presbyterian Church Hires Assistant Teaching Pastor

Hope Presbyterian

What does Ring the Bell mean? At Vanderbloemen, we want to celebrate as a team every time we have the honor of helping a church, school, or organization find their perfect candidate to fill a gap in their team and further their ministry. To do that, we have a bell on the wall in our Vanderbloemen office, within hearing distance of the entire team. Every time a candidate is placed, the team members who worked on that search ring the bell so that our team can celebrate!

Ring the bell! Hope Presbyterian Church found its new Assistant Teaching Pastor.

34 years ago, Hope Presbyterian Church was born in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee. What started in a home living room has turned into powerful worship and timely, relevant, life-application messages that impact the Memphis community. The Hope Presbyterian Church body is committed to service and spiritual teamwork. While meeting with Hope, we discovered their need for an Assistant Teaching Pastor to help lead the future generation and direct various ministries within the church. We found Hannah Attaway to be the perfect fit for this role.

Hannah has served in several Kingdom-building capacities that will help strengthen and further the mission of Hope Presbyterian Church. She has led in discipleship and outreach positions, helped establish impactful ministries, and has developed leaders in ministry. Hannah will bring excellent communication and leadership skills to the Hope community.

“Hannah is clearly called into ministry in a teaching pastor role. This is a great opportunity to operate in her calling. She is a visionary and strategic planner that is not afraid to get in the weeds and get things done. She will be a great addition to Hope Presbyterian Church.” - Chantel McHenry, Executive Search Consultant

Hannah and her family are transitioning from Birmingham, Alabama to Memphis, Tennessee. They are excited to join Hope Presbyterian Church’s ministry and help further the Kingdom in their new home.

When churches need help to find the right person to further their mission, that’s where we step in to find the perfect match. If you need help filling a role that will further your mission, get started by contacting us today.