Moody Church Hires Senior Pastor


CHICAGO, IL - The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois has expanded its leadership team by appointing Phillip Miller as its new Senior Pastor. The Moody Church is a trusted community where anyone can connect with God and others. God has blessed The Moody Church in tremendous ways through its rich history and consecutive growth over the years.

“Through my many conversations with Philip throughout the process, it was really special to watch God move his heart from curious, to intrigued, to interested, to convinced God was calling them to Chicago. Though the Elders had been searching for a new Senior Pastor for a few years when we began helping, they were so patient and convinced that God was in the timing.” Tim Stevens, former Executive Search Consultant mentioned. 

During Phillip Miller’s teenage years, he felt God calling him to dedicate his life to the advancement of the kingdom. Over the years, Phillip has experienced the grace of Christ through his time in Seminary and his professional experience in ministry. He truly believes people flourish as followers of Jesus when they live deeply in the gospel, experience the healing of the true community, and join Jesus on mission in their world. Phillip Miller looks forward to leading the congregation of The Moody Church toward the fulfillment of their God-given, Bible-based purpose: to evangelize, edify, and equip people to be true worshipers and effective representatives of Jesus Christ so that they all may “have confidence and not shrink from him in shame at his coming” (1 John 2:28).

Vanderbloemen’s CEO & Founder, William Vanderbloemen shared, “The Moody Church is one of the stalwart churches in America. It has a history, a legacy, and a reputation that is unmatched. We were at the same time-honored and humbled to work with them to find their next Pastor, especially during the trying season of COVID19. When the pandemic hit, Moody did what they had never done before to have a pastor in a season like never before. I think they've continued to set the pace and an example that all churches in the country can and should follow. I'm excited to see how God uses Moody and Philip Miller together in this new chapter of their ministry.” 


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