Strategic Partnership | Nick Bogardus & The Relational Advisory Group

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Nick Bogardus & The Relational Advisory Group - Strategic and Crisis Communication Consulting. We are so honored to announce our new strategic partnership with Nick Bogardus. Nick is the Chief Strategist of The Relational Advisory Group and Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Subsplash, an all-in-one platform that equips churches of all sizes with mobile apps, online giving, live streaming, and more to make and grow disciples in an age of hybrid church. He brings over 20 years of proven, effective leadership in the marketplace and ministry.

Nick and the Relational Advisory Group know that the reason many people miss opportunities isn’t an issue of competency but of how they relate and communicate. They offer consulting and coaching to help Christian marketplace and ministry leaders transform by answering the key questions of “Who are we?”, ”How do we say it?”, and “How do we grow?”.

He and his wife, Kim, have planted two churches in diverse circumstances that have involved over a decade of continuous leadership development and communication. Together, they’ve led at a Network level coaching leaders, overseeing pastors, and helping to shape leadership development, mission, vision, and values.

“Communication is such a critical part of leadership. Partnering with Nick allows us to provide our clients with a coach we value and trust to better understand their communication style and areas they can improve to level up their leadership capabilities." shared Sutton Turner, Chief Operating Officer at Vanderbloemen

Nick is an expert in strategic and crisis communication consulting and we are so lucky to be partnering with him. His extended experience will benefit our churches and organization as a whole. His passion is to help develop ministry leaders and further the gospel with his talents. Get in touch with Nick today.

Topics Nick & The Relational Advisory Group Consult On:
-Organizational Identity
-Strategic Communication
-Crisis Communication
-Team & Leadership Dynamics

When you partner with Vanderbloemen, you get access to our network, which extends beyond our in-house team to our strategic partners who are experts in their field serving Christian organizations. Our partners refer clients to us that are looking to hire the right team member, and we refer our clients to our partners in each of their areas of expertise. Together, we help our clients win in building the best team possible.