Vanderbloemen Partners with Shawn Lovejoy

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Vanderbloemen is thrilled to partner with Shawn Lovejoy as a strategic business partner. Partnering with Vanderbloemen gives you access to our network, which extends beyond our in-house team to our strategic partners who are experts in their field serving Christian organizations and education.

Our partners refer clients to us who are looking to hire the right team member, and we refer our clients to our partners in each of their areas of expertise. 

Together, we help our clients win in building the best team possible.

Shawn is the Founder & CEO of, a network of coaches that help facilitate leadership growth and organizational health for leaders all around the globe. Shawn is also a successful real estate developer, church planter, megachurch pastor, and successful entrepreneur and leadership coach. 

Shawn and his team at Courage to Lead help our clients lead with courage - and never by themselves - through specific services on topics such as living more intentionally, identifying and developing new leaders, and building a life-giving culture. He also offers services that appeal to the health and wellness of leaders, such as consulting on staying “sane, centered, and married!” as well as organizing your business for growth. 

Shawn is delighted to consult on a more personal basis as well, with conversations centered around specific tensions and questions a leader might have. 

Shawn knows that if you as a leader can identify an area that you can grow in NOW, he and his team can create a plan tailored to your needs. As your coach, the Shawn Lovejoy team becomes your champion for you to work with every single day, so you never again have to do leadership alone. Shawn's heart is coaching leaders, pastoring pastors, and helping them conquer what keeps them up at night. 

Shawn shares Vanderbloemen’s core value of “Constant Improvement,” in which leadership is about continuously growing yourself as a people-developer and Christ follower. It is important to lead your team well, but you must lead yourself well first. 

Read more about our partnership with Shawn Lovejoy here

To get started or find out more information about Vanderbloemen and Shawn’s services, contact:  or (713) 300-9665.