🔔 {RING THE BELL} Discipleship Pastor

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What does Ring the Bell mean? At Vanderbloemen, we want to celebrate as a team every time we have the honor of helping a church, school, or organization find their perfect candidate to fill a gap in their team and further their ministry. To do that, we have a bell on the wall in our Vanderbloemen office, within hearing distance of the entire team. Every time a candidate is placed, the team members who worked on that search ring the bell so that our team can celebrate!

Ring the bell! First New Smyrna Beach has found its new Discipleship Pastor.

The vision of FirstNSB is to be a multigenerational disciple-making church that is growing in love for God and raising up the next generation of disciples to reach their community and the world for Jesus. This is clear in the name of the church itself- “First New Smyrna Beach- a Family Church.” Their family ministry is a foundational aspect of who they are and what they do. So as they sought to fill the role of discipleship pastor who would oversee small group and discipleship ministries as well as next-gen ministries, this was a critical search. They needed to be sure that they were able to find someone who was not only qualified for the role but would fit into the church culture and mission seamlessly.

This is why they ultimately hired Ryan Flynt as their new Discipleship Pastor. Throughout the interview process, it was clear that Flynt loves strategizing and balancing the leadership of multiple ministries, and he has the experience to do so well. He has a variety of family ministry experience, having served as a student pastor, college pastor, and family pastor. In his most recent long-term role as a family pastor, he excelled at recruiting volunteers, and worked in a variety of capacities, managing community outreach, and even managing social media. This showed to FirstNSB that not only did he have the skills necessary for this role, but the ability to multitask and thrive while juggling ministry in multiple capacities.

“Ryan has a distinct vision for a cohesive discipleship strategy that encourages people across all age groups to grow in Christlikeness. I am confident that his thoughtful and energetic leadership will leave a lasting impact on the team and community at First NSB,” shared Senior Executive Search Recruiter, Hannah Gawlik.

Ryan and his wife Casey, alongside their boys Eli and Baylor, are excited to be moving to New Smyrna Beach, as they have vacationed there in the past and are familiar with the area. The FirstNSB community is thrilled to see how the Flynt family will fit into their disciple-making vision, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside them to find their perfect fit in Ryan Flynt.

When churches like FirstNSB have a clear vision of what their mission is and how a role will help them achieve that mission but need help finding that perfect fit, that’s where we come in. If you need help filling a role that will further your mission, get started by contacting us today.