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This week's devotional comes from Randy Lovelace, who recently began serving as the Lead Pastor at Christ Community Church in Tennessee. His encouragement today is from Colossians 1, and he shares how our role as ministry leaders is to equip and serve the body of Christ, not only through teaching but also through encouraging our fellow leaders and those who serve.

Seek to invest in your team and volunteers by nourishing them spiritually and emotionally, replenishing them with proper rest and time off, and cherishing them so that you may lead them well. Discover Pastor Randy's advice for ministry leaders here.


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We know that an incomplete team disrupts your mission, and it has been an honor to equip churches and organizations this year. In our new blog, we're taking time to reflect on the opportunities we've had in 2021 to come alongside ministries as they pursue their missions by forming healthy teams. Learn how you can also have a complete team in 2022.
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21 HATS PODCAST | THE VOMIT LIST21_Hats_Podcast_Episode_88_MainSocial

Jay Goltz and William Vanderbloemen talk about what it takes—in the throes of an unprecedented labor shortage—to hold on to your best people, the ones whose departures might send you looking for a trash can. They also discuss whether “hire slow” still works and if it’s a good idea to rehire a former employee. Tune in to this insightful episode of the 21 hats podcast here.
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Congratulations to FBC Tallahassee in Tallahassee, Florida on their recent hire! Greg Williams is stepping into the role of Minister of Music, and he is excited to begin serving in the worship capacity. Vanderbloemen is honored to have worked alongside FBC Tallahassee on this hire, and you can learn more in our latest announcement.

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Lead Pastor→


Location: Costa Mesa, California

Weekly Attendance: 2500


Head of School→

Plymouth Christian Academy

Location: Canton, Michigan

Weekly Attendance: 720


Lead Pastor→

Ustick Baptist Church

Location: Boise, Idaho

Weekly Attendance: 400


Executive Director→

Crossroads Christian School

Location: Corona, California

Weekly Attendance: 800


Senior Pastor→

Calvary Baptist Church

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Weekly Attendance: 175


Executive Pastor→

St. Andrews Church & School

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 383


Hume Lake Christian Camp

Location: Monterey, Massachusetts


Director of Content→

The Daily Grace Co.

Location: Spring, Texas


Worship Pastor→

Kingsland Baptist Church

Location: Katy, Tx

Weekly Attendance: 2814


Visual Arts Director→

Preston Trail Community Church

Location: Frisco, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 3712


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