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 From our team to yours, Happy New Year!

2021 has been an incredible year and we look forward to the year ahead and the opportunities it will provide to help you reach your mission.

We are grateful for you, and cannot wait for what 2022 has in store. To kick off the year, we're releasing a new weekly podcast series called "New Year, New Rhythms," where we're sharing what it takes to build and maintain a complete team that fulfills its vision. Listen to podcast host, Christa Reinhardt, on the heart behind this series here.


new year new rhythms podcast

In this new podcast series, we’ll be walking through some of the challenges your ministry may be facing going into the new year, and how we can help you walk through those. You will get to hear from some of our team members on looking for a new job, finding a new leader, walking through that new process, and lastly, building a new team! Check out episode 1 now.
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6 THINGS THAT NEED TO CHANGE IN 2022Blog rectangle headers (2)-Jan-03-2022-06-45-09-79-PM

Whether you’re someone who makes resolutions every year and sticks to them, someone who makes resolutions and forgets them by February, or someone who doesn’t bother with them at all, Scripture makes one thing clear for all of us: we are called to excellence and growth. Going into 2022, here are 6 things you can do to reflect and pursue nearness to our God.
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This next installment of our devotional series by church leaders, for church leaders, comes from Andrew Tate, Lead Pastor of Friendship Church. We serve a God whose ways are far beyond what we can ask or imagine, so allow your discomfort with his movements to push us into further surrender and trust in him. Check out this special devotional with Pastor Andrew here.

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Lead Pastor→


Location: Costa Mesa, California

Weekly Attendance: 2500


Executive Pastor→

New Community Bible Fellowship

Location: Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Weekly Attendance: 1117


Lead Pastor→

Ustick Baptist Church

Location: Boise, Idaho

Weekly Attendance: 400


Senior Pastor→

Messiah Christian Church

Location: Wells, Maine

Weekly Attendance: 200


Element Church

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Weekly Attendance: 900


Director of Finance→

Calvary Church & School

Location: Pacific Palisades, California

Weekly Attendance: 250

School Enrollment: 450


Hume Lake Christian Camp

Location: Monterey, Massachusetts


Worship Director→

American Reformed Church

Location: De Motte, Indiana

Weekly Attendance: 250


Worship Pastor→

Kingsland Baptist Church

Location: Katy, Tx

Weekly Attendance: 2814


Visual Arts Director→

Preston Trail Community Church

Location: Frisco, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 3712


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