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There are numerous reasons why we tend to think that a ministry is primarily defined and upheld by its leaders. They’re the ones who stand in front of the group and speak, we recognize their faces, they make the big announcements, and their transitions seem to affect the whole body of the organization.

But in reality, it’s the non-executive team members that most significantly affect your organization, culture, and growth. One or two leaders are not realistically capable of upholding a ministry, and are certainly not capable of defining an entire culture. They may set a standard, but they are not the ones to maintain it. Here are the three main reasons we believe that, especially in today’s climate, hires for team members, not leaders, are the most critical for your organization’s success.

blog | the three biggest pitfalls i've seen in succession planningBlog rectangle headers (22)

Start planning now! Succession is every leader’s greatest challenge and task. In the end, it’s the legacy you create for those who come after you that will mark your greatest impact on your church or organization. Here are some of the biggest pitfalls in succession planning even among some of the country's largest and well-known churches and organizations.

PODCAST | streamlining communications with echo global 

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In our newest podcast episode, Andre Dantzler shares information about the church management tools that Echo Global offers that reduce clutter, and are very efficient in managing conversations. This is a great discussion for those who are looking to adapt, manage, and streamline their church communications. Tune in here!


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Episode 4 out now! William Vanderbloemen and Kadi Cole hosted a webinar on appropriate mental health support for staff and were joined by doctors John Walker and Charity Byers of Blessing Ranch Ministries Together. If you’re leading a staff, you’ll need to think through what kind of support you will offer your staff team. Listen to their advice here!


New Searches:


Head of School→

San Antonio Christian School

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Enrollment: 908


Vice President of Marketing & Business Development→


Location: Houston, Texas

Employees: 26


Senior Pastor→

Calvary Baptist Church

Location: New York, New York

Weekly Attendance: 480


Cornerstone Ministries

Location: Murrysville, Pennsylvania

Weekly Attendance: 2000


Worship Director→

Greentree Community Church

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Weekly Attendance: 600


Worship Pastor→

Grace Fellowship Church

Location: Lawton, Oklahoma


Associate Pastor of Discipleship→

Centreville Presbyterian Church

Location: Centreville, Virginia

Weekly Attendance: 170 | 300 Pre-Covid


Faith Community Church→

Faith Community Church

Location: Hopkinton, Massacchusetts

Weekly Attendance: 730 Pre-Covid


Student Minister→

Hermitage Hills Baptist Church

Location: Hermitage, Tennessee

Weekly Attendance: 700



Video Director→

Community of Faith

Location: Cypress, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 2,500