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As we look at staffing trends for the rest of this year, one thing is clear - now is the time to hire your key staff members. In the fall of 2021 into 2022, we’re expecting rapid growth for a lot of churches. People will be seeking community and hope from the church more than ever after a year of challenges and isolation. However, preparation is key and it’s vital for you to prepare now in order to be ready for the inevitable growth that’s coming.

Our team had the pleasure of hearing from Shawn Lovejoy, Founder and CEO of CourageToLead on trends he’s seeing in churches across the country. Here are his predictions for 2021 that will impact your staffing strategy this Spring, Summer, and Fall.

the ultimate guide to succession planning that works

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Don't know what to look for when succession planning? This free guide includes signs to look for when it's time to start talking about succession, three types of succession, and more! Download our Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning That Works here.

private webinar opportunity for education leaders

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Education leaders! Our team can help your students and alumni walk through the job-seeking and application process. Most recently, we held a private webinar for Duke Divinity students sharing tips on how to stand out as an applicant. Reply to this email to book your private webinar.


New Searches:


Senior Pastor→

Table Rock Fellowship

Location: Medford, Oregon

Weekly Attendance: 1500


Pastor of Business Administration→

First Baptist Church

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 2,250


Senior Pastor→

St. Mark Missionary

Location: Mishawaka, Indiana

Weekly Attendance: 900


New Life Presbyterian Church

Location: Escondido, California

Weekly Attendance: 400 | 700 Pre-COVID


Student Minister→

Church At The Cross

Location: Grapevine, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 1000


Groups Director/Pastor→

Hope Church

Location: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Weekly Attendance: 520



Abundant Life Christian School

Location: Wilmington, Massachusetts

Weekly Attendance: 122


Advancement Director→

Hope For Haiti's Children.

Location: Nashville, Tennesse



Preschool Director→

First Baptist Simpsonville

Location: Simpsonville, South Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 163 | 250 Pre-COVID


KidLife Director→

Springfield First United Methodist Church

Location: Springfield, Illinois

Weekly Attendance: 1,000