VanderNews Week of August 20, 2019


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Signs of a Healthy Staff Culture

High-capacity people want to work for high-capacity organizations, and high-capacity organizations should care about culture. Read 7 Signs of a Healthy Staff Culture to help shape a healthy, purpose-driven culture for your purpose-driven organization.


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[NEWS] Tim Stevens Visits The Reformed Church of Bronxville

Tim Stevens visits The Reformed Church of Bronxville. He sits down with Paul Muir, Search Committee Chair, and discusses why they decided to go with Vanderbloemen. He also catches up with Rev. Dr. Matthew Waterstone & discusses his candidate process with Vanderbloemen.

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[NEWS] Key Roles on Your Team That Will Change the Way You Hire

William Vanderbloemen talks about two key roles on your team that will change the way you hire in his latest Forbes article.

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[PODCAST] Giving Trends for Your Christian Organization

Today, Holly Tate speaks with Rick Dunham, CEO of Dunham + Co., about a recent giving report that will give insight into the latest giving trends. 

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[EVENT] Vanderbloemen & Pushpay Church Staffing Roundtable Tomorrow in Phoenix, AZ

Join us tomorrow for a free roundtable, August 21 in Phoenix, Arizona. We will be discussing how to build a healthy church staff culture that’s ready for the future.

New Searches

Senior Pastor

The Moody Church

Denomination: Nondenominational

Weekly Attendance: 2,200+

Parkview Baptist Church

Denomination: Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance: 480

Pillar Ministries

Denomination: Evangelical Protestant 

Neighborhood: Zarephath, New Jersey

Trinity Church Wayzata

Denomination: Nondenominational 

Weekly Attendance: 30-40

Redeemer's Fellowship Church

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,006

Valley Bible Church 

Denomination: Nondenominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,600

Willow Creek Community Church

Denomination: Nondenominational

Weekly Attendance: 21,000

Connections Pastor →

NorthRidge Church

Denomination: Nondenominational

Weekly Attendance: 7,800

Celebrating Recent Hires

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Woodside Bible Church Hires New Senior Pastor

Woodside Bible Church in Troy, Michigan has hired Chris Brooks as their new Senior Pastor. Elder Board Chairman and Search Team co-chair Larry Harrison said, “What's so helpful is not only finding the candidates, but vetting them, too."

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Fellowship Bible Church Nashville Hires New Pastor of Adult Discipleship

Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock has hired Jay McGuirk as their new Pastor of Adult Discipleship. “You guys network us into opportunities we wouldn’t have on our own,” says Mark Henry, Teaching Pastor and Team Leader at Fellowship.


What's the Vanderbloemen Difference?

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Meet Our Team: Sydney Harris

"I love seeing the work we get to do and how it expands the kingdom. I've learned more and more about the capital "C" church and how God works in so many different ways."