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Since the onset of COVID-19, we've been hosting weekly panels with thought leaders to discuss every facet of ministry and education. We hope these events have been helpful to you during this time. Revisit some of our most popular conversations including last week's talk on Student & Family Ministry: Planning for the Fall. Other top events in this series include:

Visit to rewatch all of these discussions and so many more on pastoral care, the fall semester, and other vital ministries.

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Succession can be a difficult process under any circumstances, but sudden and unexpected succession can be much more challenging to navigate. Surprise successions that occur due to scandal, crisis, or death add an environment of grieving and tension to an already heavy decision. These surprise successions can be detrimental to the church; fortunately, they don’t have to be.  In this blog, you can find some key lessons learned from pastors who have faced succession due to unforeseen circumstances and scandal.

PODCAST | Learning To Embrace The Uncomfortable With Dr. Deborah Gorton, Author, Professor, and Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Deborah Gorton

In this podcast episode, Chantel McHenry talks with Dr. Deborah Gorton, who works as a change agent for individuals, organizations, and emerging leaders. Their conversation highlights Dr. Deb's new book, Embracing Uncomfortable, and its application to our world right now as we face a global pandemic, racial injustice, and mental health perceptions in the church. 

WEBINAR | Student Ministry: What We’ve Learned & How To plan For The Fall

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With uncertainty surrounding the upcoming fall semester, church leaders are navigating what it looks like to prioritize the safety of their students and families while also maintaining a highly effective ministry. They’re faced with unprecedented challenges and decisions throughout this process with social distancing mandates, so we brought together a panel of leaders to discuss what family and student ministry will look like this fall.

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