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The Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast with Tom Nelson

On this week's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, our VP of Business Development Holly Tate sits downs with Tom Nelson, the President of Made To Flourish, a pastors’ network for the common good. Holly and Tom discuss how to overcome burn-out, the changing culture of churches, and advice on how to connect with the members of your parish.

Listen to the full episode here.

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Blog | The Best Way to Lead Your Volunteer Teams Without Burnout

The body of Christ truly comes to life in the heartbeat of its congregation and its volunteers. Volunteers are vital to the growth and vibrancy of the Church. Caring and protecting volunteers from serving fatigue should be of the greatest importance and highest priority. Use these 5 tips to help steer your volunteers away from burnout.

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Webinar | How to Overcome the Hiring Challenges of Faith-Based Organizations

Many faith-based organizations often have to consider competency, culture fit, and faith alignment. Hear from our CEO and Founder, William Vanderbloemen, and VP of Business Development, Holly Tate, as they discuss the how to overcome the hiring challenges of faith-based organizations.

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Forbes | How Successful People Start Their Day - and Their Year

Our CEO and Founder, William Vanderbloemen, shares with Forbes: "As we start 2020, the habits and reflection you put into January will affect the rest of your year. Here are some ways to start your day - and keep doing them to form a habit, to start your year well." 


New Searches


Cascade Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Weekly Attendance: 425

Holy Trinity Church

Location: McLean, Virginia

Weekly Attendance: 500

Calvary Baptist Church

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 2,200

Director of Development →

Grace Community School

Location: Tyler, Texas

Total Enrollment: 1,000

Executive Pastor →

North Parkersburg Baptist

Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Weekly Attendance: 750

Pillar Ministries

Denomination: Evangelical Protestant

Neighborhood: Zarephath, New Jersey

Christ Presbyterian Church

Location: Edina, Minnesota

Weekly Attendance: 1,100


Life Action Ministries

Staff Size: 181 + 70 Full-Time Volunteers

Location: Buchanan, Michigan

The Moody Church

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Denomination: Nondenominational

Willow Creek Community Church

Denomination: Nondenominational 

Weekly Attendance: 21,000 

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Event | Executive Pastor Coaching Network

Join us for our Spring 2020 Executive Pastor Coaching Network in Houston, TX. Receive in-person coaching in a round-table setting from Tim Stevens, Dan Reiland, William Vanderbloemen, and your Executive Pastor peers.

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Recent Hire | Cornerstone Baptist Hires Senior Pastor

Cornerstone Baptist Church has expanded its leadership team with a key hire, with Joel Deblaay stepping in to serve as their new Senior Pastor. Joel joins Cornerstone Baptist Church after previously serving as the interim Lead Pastor and Associate and Executive Pastor of Cody Missionary Alliance Church.

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