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As some of us consider reopening our organizations and others are shutting down again after reopening, we're excited to have more Vanderbloemen Network LIVE webinars lined up for you to hear how Christian leaders are navigating tough ministry decisions through the continuing pandemic. Here's a reminder of what's coming up:

  • [TODAY JULY 14 | 1 pm CDT] The Vanderbloemen Network Live: Connections & Discipleship: Bridging the Gap Between Online & Offline As a church leader, one of the top motivations to reopen is for the sake of connection and community. But is it safe for your church to reopen yet? To help navigate ways to create environments of fellowship and connection while maintaining safety, we are bringing together a panel of top church leaders to answer your questions. Join us today at 1 pm CDT here.

  • [JULY 21 | 1 pm CDT] The Vanderbloemen Network Live: Church Communications: Effective Strategies Online & Offline To help you determine the best ways to effectively communicate with your church body through continuous change, join us to hear top church communications experts answer your questions and shed light into communication strategies during uncertain times.

  • [JULY 28 |  1 pm CDT] The Vanderbloemen Network Live: Student & Family Ministry: Planning for the Fall Semester The fall semester is quickly approaching and raising even more questions for church leaders. Join us to hear what student and family ministry leaders are preparing to maintain connections despite social distancing

Keep up with more upcoming live events here.

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The best way to prepare for the future is to learn from the past. This includes past mistakes of other churches and leaders. While singular situations can sometimes be anomalies, there is power in learning from patterns. At Vanderbloemen, we haven’t seen it all, but we have seen hundreds of successions now. Every church is unique. However, we have noticed recognizable patterns among failed successions that we want to help organizations avoid. We’ve compiled 12 common elements we've seen in failed successions and how you can overcome them in your own succession plan. 

PODCAST | Navigating Mission Work in a Pandemic with Jon Burns, International President of GEM

Podcast - Mission in Pandemic

On our most recent podcast episode, Sarah Robins, our VP of Sales and Client Relations, talks with Jon Burns, International President of Greater Europe Mission, about his experience navigating mission work and church planting amidst the global pandemic. Funding, travel, and available work has all shifted, leaving nonprofits unsure of what steps to take next. Jon explains how missions have been affected and what that means for the future.

BLOG | The Ultimate Guide to Church Communication & Marketing Job Descriptions

The Ultimate Guide to Church Communication & Marketing Job Descriptions

The Communications Director role is no longer a “nice to have” role on your church staff. It is a “must have” role as you intentionally navigate how to engage with your community across all channels - from the iPhone to the parking lot to the pew. We’ve teamed up with Church Marketing University to create this guide to help you navigate the landscape of church communication teams and the varying roles, responsibilities, and job descriptions within them. 

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Mountain Life Church

Location: Park City, Utah

Weekly Attendance: 700

Cross Church

Location: Cumming, Georgia

Weekly Attendance: 750

Thornapple Valley Church

Location: Hastings, Michigans

Weekly Attendance: 1,300

Reality SF

Location: San Francisco, California

Weekly Attendance: 1,800

St. Andrew's  Presbyterian Church

Location: Beaumont, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 120

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Christ Community Church

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Weekly Attendance: 1,369


Grace Church

Location: Cordova, Tennessee

Weekly Attendance: 540

Living Stones Church

Location: Reno, Nevada

Weekly Attendance: 1,100

North Cobb Christian School

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

Weekly Attendance: 874

Mountain Lake Christian School

Location: Mountain Lake, Minnesota

Weekly Attendance: 80+


New Hire | Westside Baptist Church Hires Senior Pastor

Westside Baptist Church hires Merrick NunnNew call-to-action