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As churches realize that an online presence will be a permanent part of their ministry moving forward, the communications role in your organization is proving to be critical to your success. We've been working on resources to help your team navigate this vital part of your organizational strategy. Here are some new resources and upcoming events on communications roles:

  • [TODAY | 1 pm CDT] The Vanderbloemen Network Live: Church Communications: Effective Strategies Online & Offline To help you determine the best ways to effectively communicate with your church body through continuous change, join us to hear top church communications experts answer your questions and shed light into communication strategies during uncertain times. Join us for the free, live event here.

  • [WEBINAR] The Vanderbloemen Network Live: The Roles & Responsibilities of the Church Communications Team It is more important now than ever before to communicate well with your congregation and community, but with so many channels and messages during such an uncertain time, it’s hard to know what the Communications Director’s responsibilities should encompass. Check out the full blog and webinar here.

  • [BLOG] The Ultimate Guide to Church Communications Want to improve your communications strategy or hire a Communications Director but don’t know where to begin? Our Ultimate Guide to Church Communications walks you through what this role should look like and offers job descriptions you can use to start planning.

  • [PODCAST] Social Media Church: The Power of Email and Social Media Integration Vice President of Business Development, Holly Tate was featured on Social Media Church Podcast to talk about how email should better fit into the communication strategy of churches and email alignment to social media. Listen to this podcast to learn more about some of the general best practices in email communication for churches. 

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Certain predictions can be made about how succession will work best at your church. Often, the succession style of a church resembles the culture of that church, and church culture is driven by the decisions of its leaders. Every congregation is classified as one of four different leadership styles. By identifying these four models of leadership, pastors and boards can know themselves a bit better before undertaking the unique process of pastoral transition.

PODCAST | Revitalizing Your Mission Through Crisis and Change

Revitalizing Mission Podcast

On our most recent podcast, our VP of Sales and Client Relations, Sarah Robins, talks with Dave Miles and Gregg Caruso from Vital Church Ministry, an organization of pastors who are called to the unique ministry of helping churches through times of transition or crisis through a proven, biblically-based process.
This conversation provides an encouraging reminder that though crisis is never easy, the Lord is still good, and he works in the middle of our trials.

WEBINAR | Navigating Virtual Connection & Discipleship n Ministry

Connections Webinar

Determining how to conduct outreach and create meaningful connections during the ongoing pandemic has created challenges for those in charge but has also presented new opportunities. Moving forward, small groups and discipleship are going to look different due to the increase of online outreach.Chantel McHenry, Senior Manager of Operations, led a panel of top church leaders to provide insight into what they are doing to foster meaningful connections in their small groups both online and offline.

New Searches:

Mountain Life Church

Location: Park City, Utah

Weekly Attendance: 700

Grace Fellowship Church

Location: Timonium, Maryland

Weekly Attendance: 2,600

Thornapple Valley Church

Location: Hastings, Michigans

Weekly Attendance: 1,300

Mountainview Christian Church

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Weekly Attendance: 350

St. Andrew's  Presbyterian Church

Location: Beaumont, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 120

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Christ Community Fellowship

Location: Mena, Arkansas

Weekly Attendance: 225


Wheaton Bible Church

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Weekly Attendance: 4,200

Advent Presbyterian Church

Location: Cordova, Tennessee

Weekly Attendance: 540

North Cobb Christian School

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

Weekly Attendance: 874

Mountain Lake Christian School

Location: Mountain Lake, Minnesota

Weekly Attendance: 80+


New Hire | Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Hires Women's Minister

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