VanderNews: July 28th, 2020

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We’ve been working on resources to help your team navigate the critical process of succession. Below you’ll find resources and to help you start the conversation. Check out our latest blog, "10 Ways To Tell If You Should Leave Your Leadership Post," a succession planning podcast with William Vanderbloemen, our CEO and Founder, and a recent interview with Eric Geiger answering your FAQs on succession.

And today, don't forget to join us for The Vanderbloemen Network Live: Student & Family Ministry: Planning for the Fall Semester. With so much uncertainty surrounding the upcoming fall semester, church leaders are navigating how to keep their students and families safety the first priority while also maintaining effective ministry. To address these critical decisions and challenges, we will be bringing together a panel of top church leaders for a free, live discussion today at 1 pm CDT.

Purchase Next: Pastoral Succession That Works


A person’s greatest strength, when unguarded, can become that same person’s greatest weakness. In ministry, a pastor’s confidence—one of the qualities God uses to build a church—can become one of the biggest obstacles to pastoral succession. This blog includes ten key indicators that can help you know when it is the right time to leave. They can also help you discern if you should stay longer—but not too long.

PODCAST | Why Planning For Succession Matters

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Holly Tate, our VP of Business Development and Marketing, talks with William Vanderbloemen, our founder and CEO. They discuss William's new book, Next: Pastoral Succession That Works, the expanded and updated edition. They talk about what succession really is, why it's important, and what the future of succession post-pandemic looks like. William's book and this conversation provide insight into navigating leadership changes with wisdom and grace.

WEBINAR | Church Communications: Effective Strategies Online & Offline

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As we continue to alter the ways we gather, it is critical for churches to have an effective communication strategy that ensures information is readily available. To help you determine the best ways to effectively communicate with your church body through this time of continuous change, we gathered a panel of church communications experts to answer your questions and shed light on communication strategies during uncertain times.

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