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To support you during this time of uncertainty, we've created, your comprehensive guide to resources that will help you continue operating in this unprecedented time. This page includes everything from our recommended remote working tools to tips on how to stay connected through social distancing and helpful and encouraging guides from external sources.

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8 Cardinal Rules Of Running A Virtual Meeting

Forbes | 8 Cardinal Rules Of Running A Virtual Meeting

Coronavirus has brought a new world of sanitizing, avoiding travel, and working from home. The term is 'social distancing,' but the reality is, we are all having to figure out how to relate from a remote setting. Here are some best practices for having a meeting (or an interview) when you can't be face-to-face. 

10 Ways to Tell If You Should Leave Your Leadership Post

Blog | 10 Ways to Tell If You Should Leave Your Leadership Post

No pastor wants to be the leader who walks out of a meeting only to be the subject of the next conversation that centers around, “How do we tell Pastor that we think it’s time to consider a change?” So how do you know when your time has come to let go?

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E-Book | Start: The Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning that Works

Every leader knows they won’t still be leading their organization in fifty years. But at the same time, many of them never picture themselves doing anything else. And most don’t plan for their departure.

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Langston Baptist Church

Location: Conway, South Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 400

LifePoint Church

Location: Plano, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 900

Christian Business Men's Connection

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Executive Pastor →

Northway Church

Location: Macon, Georgia

Weekly Attendance: 1,150

Youth for Christ USA

Location: Englewood, Colorado

Watson Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Weekly Attendance: 2,500

Lake Tapps Christian Church

Location: Bonney Lake, Washington

Weekly Attendance: 220

Holy Trinity Church

Location: Mountain Lake, Minnesota

School Attendance: 80+

Veritas Church

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Next Pastor Succession That Works

Next: Pastoral Succession That Works, Expanded and Updated

Packed with new research, new interviews, and practical solutions, this updated and expanded edition of Next: Pastoral Succession That Works will equip pastors, ministry teams, and Christian organizations to navigate leadership changes with wisdom and grace.

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Recent Hire | Centennial Road Church Hires Lead Pastor

Centennial Road Church in Ontario, Canada has expanded its leadership team by appointing Jason Frizzel as their new Lead Pastor. 

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