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PODCAST | Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast with Dr. Michael Lindsay, President of Gordon College

Today's William talks with Dr. Michael Lindsay about the future of Christian education, hiring in a Christian education sphere, and Dr. Lindsay's advice for young leaders from his unique perspective as President of Gordon College.

Listen to the full episode here.


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RESOURCE | The Key to Handling Conflict on Your Church Leadership Team

Conflict will be inevitable on any staff, regardless of team culture or experience of the members. The key for leaders is to learn how to handle this conflict when it arises while still leading the team well. The Bible gives us many examples of conflict resolution that church leaders can implement next time they find themselves dealing with church staff conflict.

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EVENT | Free Church Staff Culture Roundtable in Irvine, CA

Tim Stevens shares what he's heard from other ministry and church leaders about their biggest takeaways from the roundtables. Join us TODAY at Mariner's Church in Irvine from 11 am - 1 pm. Save your seat here.  

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E-BOOK | Things Church Leaders Need to Decide Before the New Year

Are you and your church staff ready for the new year? This New Year's Checklist for Church Leaders includes tips on church budget planning, staff reviews, vision-casting & goal-setting, structure & ministry evaluation, and sermon planning.

New Searches


Life Action Ministries

Location: Buchanan, Michigan

Grace Community School

Total Enrollment: 1,000

Location: Tyler, Texas

Luis Palau Association

Denomination: Nondenominational

Location: Beaverton, Portland, Oregon

Chief Operating Officer →

Hume Lake Christian Camps

Location: Hume, California

Annual Attendance: over 43,000 guests

Associate Minister of Family Ministries →

 First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn

Location: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Weekly Attendance: 380

Embassy City Church

Location: Irving, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 1,350

The Moody Church

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Denomination: Nondenominational

Church Planter →

Orchard NEO

Denomination: Non-denominational

Neighborhood: Northeast, OH

Pillar Ministries

Denomination: Evangelical Protestant

Neighborhood: Zarephath, New Jersey

Willow Creek Community Church

Denomination: Nondenominational 

Weekly Attendance: 21,000 

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Recent Hire | PruittHealth Hires Director of Chaplaincy

PruittHealth in Norcross, Georgia, has expanded its leadership team with a key hire. Dr. Dave Lescalleet now serves as their new Director of Chaplaincy. In its recent expansion into the nonprofit and for-profit faith-based businesses industry, Vanderbloemen is honored to have partnered with PruittHealth on this vital and important hire.


Strategic Partners 

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Featured Partner | Better Fundraising

Vanderbloemen is excited to introduce Better Fundraising as a Strategic Partner. Better Fundraising's goal is to significantly grow the fundraising capacity of small to medium-sized nonprofits by providing outsourced development responsibilities like marketing and brand messaging. They help organizations that need development help but don't need a full-time Director of Development.