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How God Built This with Clean Juice Co-Founders Landon and Kat Eckles

Listen to the latest episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast's new once-a-month series called How God Built This. This month, William Vanderbloemen talks with Landon and Kat Eckles, co-founders of Clean Juice. William, Landon, and Kat discuss how God lead Landon out of his career as a managing partner role at a global investment management firm, how they moved their young family to Charlotte, and how they launched their flagship Clean Juice store.

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Congratulations, you just got hired or promoted into a new leadership position! That’s the good news. The not-so-good news: you are now being asked to lead a team someone else built. Here are six common mistakes leaders make when taking over someone else’s team and how to avoid making them.

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Hear from our Executive Search Consultant, Brian Jensen, as he shares from New Hope Community Church in Chula Vista, CA. One of our Vanderbloemen Differences is we'll bring you candidates you won't find on your own.

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EVENT | Church Culture Roundtable

Join us for a FREE church culture roundtable with our friends from Pushpay in Chicago on Oct 9 & Nashville on Oct 10. We'll explore how to build a strong church leadership foundation and a culture of innovation that’s equipped to meet our congregations where they are. Save your seats here!

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 Hume Lake Christian Camps

Denomination: Nondenomiantional

Weekly Attendance: > 43,000 guests

North Shelby Baptist Church

Denomination: Shelby Baptist Association

Weekly Attendance: 400

Grandview Baptist Church

Denomination: Converge

Weekly Attendance: 210

The Moody Church

Denomination: Nondenominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,900

Bethel Church 

Denomination: Nondenominational

Weekly Attendance: 2,950

Pillar Ministries

Denomination: Evangelical Protestant

Neighborhood: Zarephath, New Jersey

Willow Creek Community Church

Denomination: Nondenominational 

Weekly Attendance: 21,000 

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Northway Church Hires New Worship Director

Northway Church in Macon, Georgia, has hired Eric Hays as their new Worship Director. Eric previously served as the Assistant Director of Worship since 2017 at Northway. He joins the staff as their new Worship Director and is happy to call Northway home, along with his wife, Kelsie.


Strategic Partners 

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Featured Strategic Partner: Pushpay

Vanderbloemen is thrilled to introduce another strategic partner: Pushpay. Pushpay is our mobile giving partner, to whom we refer clients who want to elevate their generosity and make giving as simple, fast, and seamless as possible. In turn, Pushpay refers clients to us whom we serve through hiring and succession planning services.