VanderNews: September 15th, 2020

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2020 has been a year like no other. To encourage and equip you to continue leading well through your normal ministry duties and the pandemic, we're excited to invite you to two upcoming online events.

Renew your strength and spirit with the Online Pastors' Retreat, a 3-day event dedicated to pastors and ministry professionals to encourage you through the stress of ministry. Our CEO & Founder, William Vanderbloemen will be among the esteemed speakers you'll have the opportunity to hear from. Sign up today to take advantage of the Early Bird rate.

As another way to resource you for compensation planning this fall, we're partnering with Remodel Health on a free webinar, Evaluating Compensation & Benefits for Christian Organizations. Learn from industry experts, Sutton Turner, COO of Vanderbloemen, and John Staub of Remodel Health for a discussion on Vanderbloemen’s latest research, reviewing how to effectively evaluate employee compensation and benefits as a Christian organization.

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BLOG | Why Sabbaticals Are Critical To Avoiding Burnout

Why Sabbaticals are critical to avoiding burnout

Sabbaticals are a critical component to creating healthy rhythms for pastors. Take look at your sabbatical policy and ensure that your pastor has the opportunity to take time to renew their spirit and refocus on their calling on a regular basis.

PODCAST | Get Unstuck:Reimagining Church And Embracing Change With Tony MorganTony Morgan Podcast

Founder of the Unstuck Group, Tony Morgan shares the trends he has seen in churches throughout COVID-19 and how to alter your church’s engagement strategy without compromising the mission.

BLOG | We Won't Return To Our Old Normal - And It's OkayCopy of The History Of The Presbyterian Church (1)

What if we need to do more to engage the online community? How can connection happen through a computer and an unstable internet connection? Here are a couple of ideas from Executive Search Consultant, Eric Albert to get started.


New Searches:

Senior Pastor→

Spring Valley Reformed Church

Location: Fulton, Illinois

Weekly Attendance: 100

Senior Pastor→

Champion Forest Baptist Church

Location: Houston, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 8,000

Advent Presbyterian

Location: Cordova, Tennessee

Weekly Attendance: 540

Senior Campus Pastor→

Church on the Move

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Weekly Attendance: 6,000

Veritas Church

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 450

Ustick Baptist Church

Location: Boise, Idaho

Weekly Attendance: 400+

Pastor of Caring & Missions→

Rockland Community Church

Location: Golden, Colorado

Weekly Attendance: 460

Worship Pastor→

Community Bible Church

Location: Waterford, California

Weekly Attendance: 275

Central Community Church

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Weekly Attendance: 1,600+

Mariners Church

Location: Irvine, California

Weekly Attendance: 13,000