VanderNews: September 29th, 2020

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The next few weeks are packed with online events to help you lead well whether you're a pastor, teacher, or layperson navigating how to close out the year well. Be sure to check out these upcoming webinars and events we'll be a part of:

Renew your strength and spirit at an Online Pastors' Retreat. Our CEO & Founder, William Vanderbloemen will be among the esteemed speakers you'll have the opportunity to hear from. Sign up today to take advantage of the Early Bird rate.

We're partnering with Remodel Health on a free webinar, Evaluating Compensation & Benefits for Christian Organizations. Learn from industry experts, Sutton Turner, COO of Vanderbloemen, and John Staub of Remodel Health. Join us by signing up here.

The CESA Collective is a symposium for Healthy Christian Schools, a curated, immersive experience to help educational leaders build healthy schools all year long through content, connection, and community. Our Founder & CEO, William Vanderbloemen will be speaking at the kick off event, October 1. Register here to join this ongoing, immersive experience.

Free Webinar: Evaluating Compensation & Benefits


BLOG | Attain And Attract The Right Candidates With Your Health Insurance Plan

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 7.29.05 AM-1

Health insurance is a significant factor in overall compensation and something potential employees weigh heavily when considering a job opportunity. Check out this blog to help you more fully understand the impact of your health insurance plan.

PODCAST | How To Grow Millennial Engagement At Your ChurchBen Windle Podcast

Benjamin Windle, Author & Church Planter, strongly believes that millennials can grow your church and change the world with their unique experiences and point of view. In this podcast, Ben shares how the church can engage with and care for these younger generations well.

BLOG | 4 Considerations When Replacing A Long-Tenured PastorSarah Robins - Replacing Pastor

Though any Lead Pastor transition is an important one, replacing a long-tenured Senior Pastor often carries a lot more weight and is filled with nuances outside a normal pastor search. Here are four things to consider when searching for a new pastor after a long-tenured one.


New Searches:

I-90 Community Church

Location: Issaquah, Washington

Weekly Attendance: 130

Veritas Church

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 450

Lead Pastor→

Westover Church

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 2,763

Park Community Church

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Weekly Attendance: 1,500

Manager of US Operations →

Key of Hope

Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Weekly Attendance: 2,000

Connections Pastor→

The Ridge

Location: Columbus, Indiana

Weekly Attendance: 1,200

TCuyahoga Valley Church

Location: Columbus, Indiana

Weekly Attendance: 1,200


Palmcroft Church

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Weekly Attendance: 2,100

Director of Student Ministry→

Marvin United Methodist Church

Location: Tyler, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 1,200+

Minister to Students→

Dawson Memorial Baptist Church

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Weekly Attendance: 2,000+