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Get Started With Your Custom Compensation Report

Once you've confirmed that you are a Vanderbloemen client by filling out the form, here's what you can expect from us:

  • You will receive an email from our team with a custom link that will take you to a detailed survey concerning your organization’s salary and benefits information.

  • You will receive an attendance graph and budget graph comparing your position’s compensation to our data.

  • You will know how many data points are included in your survey. Our tool automatically includes 50 data points that closely match your position based on either attendance or budget. If we do not have at least 50 data points for your position, the study will state the number of data points in your study.

  • Benefits - if you complete the benefits section of the survey, you will receive a detailed PDF representing all the benefit data points. You will be able to compare your Christian organization’s benefits to those which have participated.

*Please note: If you are not an executive search client from within the past two years (24 months), you will not be eligible for free compensation data. You can view our paid options here.