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Cherry Hills Community Church in Denver Hires Senior Pastor



Senior Pastor




Denver, CO



[We] reviewed 11 search companies, interviewed 5 and concluded that Vanderbloemen was, by far, the best firm.



"The process of finding a new pastor is challenging at best.  The first place that VSG was an invaluable partner to CHCC was to simply coach us through the process.  We knew our situation deep, but they had broad experience with a journey that was new to us.  Second, we selected them, in part, because of their network and the ability to surface candidates that we would have never found on our own or with just the typical public job posting.  Our final candidate and most of the short list that considered were all surfaced by VSG, not through a passive job posting.  Third, they did a great job getting to know us very quickly and then evaluating candidates against that knowledge of us.  The candidate that we selected could not have been a better match for us had we interviewed every application ourselves.  That was huge.  There is a final thing that does not get discussed a lot and that is the time required to do this process right.  Had we attempted to do this ourselves, by the time we got through prompting the opportunity and screening all of the applicants we would have been exhausted.  By contrast, when we got to the most critical step in the process – doing the deep evaluation on a short list of candidates, our search committee and Elders were fresh and ready to dig in as we needed to do the task at hand. In each of these areas – coaching, candidate sourcing, screening, and general taking things off our plate so we could focus on the important stuff – VSG did everything they promised and more.  Having experienced, senior professionals walk with you through this journey is the only way to go." -Tim Coan, Ruling Elder


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