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Alabama Baptist Church Hires New Senior Pastor Following 26 Year Predecessor



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Birmingham, AL




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"We knew going into this search that using a firm would be the very best option," Phil Kimrey, Senior Pastor Search Committee Chairman said. "We felt like if we did not use a firm, it would be a major experience as far as what it would take in terms of workload. We knew we had to be efficient with what we had to do."


Phil and the search committee for Dawson Memorial Baptist Church's next Senior Pastor had a huge job ahead of them. Not only did they have the weighty responsibility of finding Dawson's next leader, but there was additional pressure as they were replacing someone that had pastored the church for 26 years.


Even though using a search firm was a different route than what they had done before, they did not receive any resistance internally.


"The church was open to the fact that things were very different now than what they were like 26 years ago when our former senior pastor came. We knew we had to be as proactive and organized as possible."


Through their Vanderbloemen consultant's guidance, the committee was able to take a huge assignment and focus on asking the right questions for their search. They were able to develop a strategy that allowed them to visually communicate the search process to their congregation. 

"When we got to the end folks let us know how much they appreciated being updated regularly even if they couldn't know all of the details of what was happening behind the scenes." 


The search committee was able to lean on their search consultant for insight on where to go at each turn. This was a big project and a lengthy process but they knew with each step that they were getting closer to the person God was revealing as their next Senior Pastor.


As the Dawson search committee continued to follow the process, the zeroed in on David Eldridge, a candidate from Mississippi, and quickly knew that he was likely the man God was calling to their church. After thorough interviews, background checks, and reference checks by both VSG and the committee, they extended an offer. On August 6, 2017, Dawson's next Senior Pastor accepted the call. 

"Certainly what you provided to us really works well. David has been well-received by our congregation and he is very intentional about building relationships with members. Thanks to the Vanderbloemen team for your leadership of us so we can continue God's work in this place!"


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