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Grace Christian Church in Georgetown, KY Hires New Executive Pastor



Executive Pastor




Georgetown, KY



“I hadn't done a lot of hiring at this point and really felt having Vanderbloemen guide me through the search would be beneficial”

- Andrew Brown Lead Pastor

Grace Christian.jpgWhen looking to make a hire, it’s easy to “get stuck in your circle.” Those were the words of Andrew Brown, the Lead Pastor at Grace Christian Church in Georgetown, Kentucky.


Andrew found himself in a place many church leaders find themselves when it comes to adding to their team: Reaching the end of your networks with no viable candidates.


According to this Forbes article, referrals are the leading source for candidates who received interviews. In other words, your personal, professional, or denominational networks can often be a fruitful avenue to making your next hire.


So what happens when a church has exhausted their networks with nothing to show for it? If you’ve searched for months (or years!) and are still empty handed, what is your next move?


In the case of Grace Christian’s Executive Pastor search, the next step was a conversation with Vanderbloemen Search Group.


Grace Christian is growing exponentially, and in order to go to the next level of reaching their community with the Gospel, they needed an Executive Pastor.


This person would help shape and implement the goals, vision, and strategic plan of the church, as well as oversee financial stewardship. And even more importantly, the XP would help recruit and develop future staff, having a huge impact on the future of the church.


For Andrew especially, this position was particularly important. The role of Executive Pastor would free him up to be a better steward of his congregation’s spiritual development, allowing him more time to build strong relationships among the people of Grace and the community around them.


Andrew also stated, “I hadn’t done a lot of hiring at this point and really felt having Vanderbloemen guide me through the search would be beneficial.”

In order for Vanderbloemen to be an effective guide, we needed to understand who Grace Christian was and where they felt God calling them as a church. Understanding those two pieces were critical for this hire, because the Executive Pastor had to be someone that would not only buy into the mission of the church, but be able to advocate for the mission and implement the vision.


From start to finish, Vanderbloemen was a trusted guide through the journey of finding an Executive Pastor, meeting face-to-face with the Grace Christian team and all top candidates.


Now, with an Executive Pastor in place, Grace Christian has taken those steps to reaching the next level, ultimately leading to more lives changed and more people reached with the love of Christ.