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Maryland Church Finds Two Hires For Their Creative Arts Team



Worship Pastor




Glen Burnie, MD





"The reason we went the route of a search firm is because in the past we had utilized our own resources, and while those searches weren't ineffective, they didn't result in anyone that really lasted," recalled Mack Ferrer, Executive Pastor at Arundel Christian Church. "In addition to that, when we're the ones running the search ourselves, as the Executive Pastor I have to put in a lot of work for the search and on top of my regular responsibilities, this can get overwhelming."


These initial thoughts from Mack and the rest of the leadership at Arundel led them in the direction of engaging Vanderbloemen for their Worship Arts Pastor search in the fall of 2017. Mack had been aware of VSG for quite some time, as he'd been a reader of Vanderbloemen's content and resources for many years. His familiarity with the firm moved him into the direction of partnering with them for this important search.


"Just seeing how VSG works from the get-go of having that initial face-to-face of who you're trying to hire, to the phone call interviews, to meeting these candidates in person. All of this is going on for several months and meanwhile I'm still able to do my job. That was such a huge weight lifted of knowing that I didn't have to follow up with someone or make the calls to candidates."


Five months after Mack and the team officially partnered with VSG, Arundel Christian Church hired, not one, but two candidates for their creative arts team. 

"One of the blessings that came out of this process is the fact that we hired on two guys. Had we not gone through Vanderbloemen I am not sure we would have seen these guys. They led from the stage for the first time recently and it was amazing. We're getting a dynamic team set up with them and can't wait for what God has in the future."



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